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  • Reply to: The Dragon with The Girl Tattoo   15 hours 31 min ago


    Anyway is there any other link that I can watch your movie? The link that you provided was not functioning. I am hoping to watch your movie soon. By the way if you need a place to shoot your next movie, is a great place to shoot. Have a nice day ^_^.

  • Reply to: Survey about the importance of sound   1 week 3 days ago

    It's important for us have more responses....please, do the survey...Thanks for your help.

  • Reply to: Camera Accessories Sale for DSLR   2 weeks 6 days ago

    Nice and cool cameras... but I still have one that’s why I don’t want to purchase a new one…. Maybe next time if it is still available.

  • Reply to: Jazzholes - A Short Film Produced in 7 Days   1 month 1 day ago

    The facial expressions of the two brothers are so funny. Sorry for that but I can’t help it, you’re so cute ^_^.. Anyway the short film itself is good and I like it. Good Job and good Luck to all of you.

  • Reply to: A Short Film Produced in Under a Week   1 month 1 day ago

    Two thumbs up to you John. You made a very nice short film. Starts from the place wherein you shoot, the actors, the script and as well as the directors and the people behind this short film are AWESOME. Great Job! ^_^