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  • Reply to: Suggestions for Film Ed, that aren't Film School?   5 days 23 hours ago

    Check out Solar Film Productions' workshops!

    Light and Shadow Boot Camp is a one-weekend, intensive, hands-on workshop for independent filmmakers who want to learn fast, simple and effective lighting techniques without a big budget or crew.

    It focuses on sensible, easily applied skills to do a lighting set-up. Participants will quickly become adept at lighting real-world situations through demonstrations, Q&A's, and hands-on practices. You will learn the tips and tricks to creating polished and dynamic lighting that can set mood and capture an audience.

  • Reply to: Pine Ridge Reservation Documentary   6 days 6 hours ago

    I saw this on Indiegogo, how is it going?

  • Reply to: Hamilton Ontario filmmaking meet up   2 weeks 4 days ago


    I'm a young filmmaker currently living in Hamilton, Ontario. I'd love to network. Email me at

  • Reply to: First 5 Minute Short Film :)   2 weeks 6 days ago

    Very nice. Pretty well paced for only 5 minutes. I'm not much into storylines but interest was built pretty effectively. I think the shots are pretty well composed and seem genuine.

    Although the subject matter was on a personal level (hence why most the shots were up close, or first person), I wonder if some wide ones could have helped. for instance in the house you had to cut many times for the different reactions which made sense for the mirror, but maybe one long continuous shot would have been nice.

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    Hey blukat-- can you cool it on reposting the same post over and over? You posted "2016 BlueCat Screenplay Competitioin Call for Short Scripts" six times the other day, and spelling aside, it's annoying and hardly the first time you've done this. It's borderline spam at this point.

    You can post once per event-- updates if they contain new info... but other than that... please don't..