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  • Reply to: The search for creative soulmates   1 day 1 hour ago

    Hello, I am currently looking for projects witch would help me to get more experience in the domain of filmmaking. I would like to help for the Special FX or video editing ( I can do both ). I do not live near LA but in Belgium. I have a pretty good understanding of English and am willing to help the best I can. I have been messing around with video editing and special FX for some time and have gotten a fair share of experience with it, witch I'm sure could help you out. Contact me if interested:

  • Reply to: Collaboration wanted   1 day 1 hour ago

    Hey there i'm not sure if I grasped the idea of what you are trying to do but I am looking for projects to expand my filmmaker's knowledge so I would like to help out ^^ I can do the video / Special fx editing if it is what you need. I work with Premiere Pro & After Effects. Send me something if interested ;)

  • Reply to: Independent Film Company Looking for Scripts   2 days 20 hours ago

    Hi Rick….the MonocleFilms e-mail is not working - it keeps coming back!

    I am a composer and have been approached to write music for a wonderful script. The writer (as yet, unknown) spent 7 years researching Da Vinci's life and works to create this really special story. It excited me so much and hearing Mathew Vaughn on radio last week just made me realise that great scripts are always needed - and they can come from anywhere. I have never felt strongly enough before to make an approach like this on a writer's behalf - whether I do the music in the end or not but Hopscotch showed interest and it's a fantastic read. I have music on Discovery and worked with Paul Farrer of Rainwood Media. This script is going to make a great film for someone.

    If you would like to know more please contact me by return e-mail



  • Reply to: Toronto film school: corrupt/scammers?   3 days 3 hours ago

    Once they have your info they don't stop calling. That is the truth and with most schools in this very big city, it is all about the money. So make sure you've either got your parents to bail you out or a really big savings account. I've been to college three times. The only one I've benefited from was Welding.
    It's best to interview or read how the economy is in this before jumping in. They cannot guarantee you a job and no one can guarantee that you will be working to pay off that giant loan in the industry you get this degree for.
    Speaking from experience, it's not easy to sign up for Financial Aid and it isn't easy to get a grant. Reading their breakdown of how much everything would cost and taking that at face value with cost deductions is wrong. It's best to consider the lump sum with cost for books and supplies (which can be about 600-700 in the first year).
    School is an investment so make sure you've placed your money where it can earn you money back.

  • Reply to: New independent feature from Sweden: "A Modern Blues Story"   1 week 3 days ago

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    The soundtrack is now available for free at: