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The Library of Annotated Film Schools

If you're thinking of going to film school, you need an insider's opinion on what going to film school is actually like. The Library of Annotated Film Schools (LOAFS) not only provides a comprehensive listing of film schools' web sites from around the world, it also offers something that the film schools themselves do not reveal: reviews and shared experiences from the film students themselves.

Is shelling out the tens of thousands of dollars that many schools charge a worthwhile investment? Are the two or three years for a graduate education in film worth it? Many filmmakers confess that your money and time is better spent actually making a film than attending film classes. Others feel that the hard lessons they learned in film school as well as the contacts they made were invaluable. And what of those three-day filmmaking classes that are advertised in film magazines? Are they worth it?

These pages reveal the insights of those students who have already attended a variety of different film schools. If you've had an experience with a film school, we *NEED* you to jot down your experience and send it to LOAFS.

As you read these reviews, please remember that they are anecdotal accounts of particular student's experiences and are not necessarily completely unbiased. Visitors are therefore encouraged to take all reviews with a large grain of salt. Understand also that regrettably, reviewers may have motivations or identities other than what they reveal, and students with negative experiences may have more incentive to post than users who had good experiences.

We hope you find this archive worthwhile. Thanks to the many students who contributed their opinions and who continue to do so. An additional resource for those considering film schools is a book (and web site) currently in development by graduates from NYU called Film School Confidential.

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