Celtx 1.0 Released

After many years of development, the free, open-source, cross-platform screenwriting and pre-production application Celtx has finally been released in its 1.0 version. Available in numerous languages for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, the new release contains many improvements from earlier test versions. Congratulations to the Celtx team on reaching this important milestone!

Greg Marcks: Writer/Director "11:14," "The Gift"

Fresh out of film school, Greg Marcks made the trek to Los Angeles as so many other aspiring filmmakers do. At the time, he had no idea that his little student film, “Lector,” was going to win a student Oscar and that doing so would afford him the opportunity to write and direct his critically-acclaimed, first feature film, “11:14.” Now, with a second feature, “The Gift,” under his belt, he's fast becoming a filmmaker with whom to be reckoned.

Jennifer Lai: Camera Department

While actors, directors, writers, and producers often get the limelight, the film world is full of unsung heroes and heroines: the workers of the camera, grip, electric, costuming, sound, art, and other "below-the-line" departments. You only have to look at the end credits of a movie to see how integral they are to production. Watching a good crew in action is like watching a well-made clock. Timely, steady, and dependable. Without them, films could not get made-- plain and simple.

Final Cut Pro Updated to 6.03

MacNN is reporting that Apple has updated Final Cut Pro and Compressor to new versions in anticipation of the NAB conference in Las Vegas.

The release notes are here.

Free Film Music, Compliments of Moby

In a recent interview, Moby talks about licensing some of his music free for non-commercial use in indie films:


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