Foundation Offers Filmmaker Grant

Today the Richard Rolland Foundation announced a $10 mil filmmaking grant promoting the theme of "We're No Strangers To Love." When asked about the submission deadline, a spokesman replied, "you know the rules, and so do I." Submissions must be under five minutes length and no longer. "A full commitment's what I'm thinking of," added the red-haired spokesman. "You wouldn't get this [offer] from any other guy."

Avid Unveils "New Thinking" Strategy

Today editing software company Avid has made a major announcement of "new thinking" regarding the pricing and delivery of its editing software.

Triggerstreet Analyzes Style of "Cinematic Storytelling"

Writers-- check out this short article by Mystery Man", which takes screenplay pages from four films and discusses how the writing style is cinematic. (Another great source for such practical screenwriting advice is John August's blog.)

Jen Arzt: Program Director of Script Frenzy!

They might not admit it, but every writer needs a muse. And that's just what Script Frenzy! is trying to be-- on a large scale. This free, month-long writing event pits you against a thirty-day deadline where your goal is to deliver at least 100 pages of screenplay. interviewed Jen Arzt, Script Frenzy's Program Director, to find out more.

FM.C: What is Script Frenzy?

How Cuts Are Remembered....

An interesting little blog entry on how changing camera angles and cutting between them can disorient a viewer when contrasted with physical movement of the camera. Kind of a cool read about how coverage can affect a viewer's perception and memory of a spacial layout.


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