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How to Understand "Chain of Title"

Jordan Clark has a dream to create a free campaign for filmmakers to help understand US/Canada copyright-related terms and concepts.

Worth a watch!

Valve Releases a Beta of its New Animation Tool

After years of in-house use and testing, Valve has finally release a beta version of "The Source Filmmaker" tool. This is the same tool Valve has used to make all the short movies use to promote all their recent game releases.

Meet the Smalls

Nobi Nakanishi writes: The Smalls is an online short film showcase - our goal is to connect talented filmmakers with companies looking for content, partners and collaborators, or just a solid base of admirers. Over the past two years, we have gained popularity with everyone from broadcasters, creative agencies, freelancers, artists and anyone remotely interested in short films.

An Anthropological Introduction To YouTube

June 23rd, 2008- an anthropologist from Kansas presented a talk to the Library of Congress about the sociological effects of YouTube. It's worth a look. You may also be interested in his other widely popular video about Web 2.0.

Wired: Can the Internet Save Indie Film?

(via Digg) Wired has an article posing the question "Can the Internet save Indie film?" While some don't think indie film NEEDS saving, others disagree strongly.

What do you think?


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