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Simply put, this site is intended as an online resource for filmmakers on a budget. Here we can exchange information helpful to the production and distribution of films and film-related projects. The site includes articles, a dynamic database of links to other sites and film and video related files for download. Other features include bulletin board style discussion areas, and the LOAFS (Library of Annotated Film Schools) and DUMPS (Directing Unsuccessful Motion Picture Shorts) archives.

For legal reasons, it is the policy of that any and all unsolicited intellectual property sent to us (including but not limited to synopses, story ideas, pitches, scripts, screenplays, etc.) will be discarded unread. So do not send it. We also advise you register such materials with the Library of Congress and/or the Writer's Guild.

Special thanks to: Cowmix, JT, Ken H., Keir, Steve B., Marc Druihle, Drupal, Slashdot (for many great ideas), Fluffy, members of the film community, and all GPL/open-source developers, without whom this site would not be possible.