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CALL FOR ENTRIES: Trenton Film Festival

The Trenton Film Festival is back!

After an extended hiatus the festival is calling out to all progressive filmmakers looking to show their work at our 2014 film festival.

Trenton Film Festival screens new, cutting-edge film of various genres from around the world, offering filmmakers the opportunity to interact with audiences and connect with other filmmakers at various stages in their career. Located half-way between New York City and Philadelphia, Trenton is a small city with easy access to one of the largest film markets in the world, yet intimate enough to give new film exposure that might be hard to achieve in a larger place or festival.

Early bird film entries: Monday, March 10th

Regular submission entries: Tuesday, April 1st

Notification for filmmakers who have been accepted into the 2014 festival: Tuesday, May 20th.

The festival begins the weekend of June 19th – June 22nd.

Entries must have a completion date after 6/1/2013 in order to be considered for the 2014 Trenton Film Festival. Entry fees range from $15 - $35 accepting anything from shorts of less than 25 minutes to 75 minute length feature productions.
This year we are accepting a wide variety of categories including new experimental films, music videos, new media, and spoken word.



Entries to be Submitted through:

The deadline has been extended to Thursday, April 10th

The regular deadline has been extended to : Tuesday, April 15th

Deadline extended to May 1st