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Cheap Production Insurance for Low Budget Films?

Does anyone know of any places that offer cheap production insurance for low budget films, especially shorts? The places I've been calling have been quoting me more than my budget in some cases!

You should give these guys "Wildcard Productions" a call (818) 237-5630. We used them for my last short and they were awesome. My short had practically no budget what-so-ever, and when I called around for insurance I was shocked! We were so worried we wouldn't find insurance that we could afford, but believe it or not there are actually places out there that understand what low budget filmmaking is. Good Luck, Mel 8)


Curious. DashiellFilms has asked this same question on 2 other forums I read. Then between 2 and 3 hours later filmmaker_mel joins the boards and answers. The same question and the same answer on 3 different forums...

I looked up Wildcard- does not seem legit. Where is their website? Information? Anything? Clearly not a real Insurance company.

I used wildcard, they were awesome, very cheap and very helpful, quick to respond.

their insurance certificates were legit, and i had not problem using them with city's and other institutions for filming permits and equipment houses ranging from G&E to portapotties.

i did not however, have to make any claims, so I am unable to comment on their helpfulness in that realm.

"Their insurance certificates were legit" - are there really insurance companies selling invalid insurance certificates?!

are there really insurance companies selling invalid insurance certificates?!

the answer is NO. They are not a legitimate insurance company. they are a production company that sells their insurance which is illegal, and if a claim happens you will have to pay for it, not the insurance company and not Wildcard.


This "company" pulls this scam on dozens of messageboards. Someone signs up and asks a question and then somone else signs up on the exact same day and answers. They are not legit!

They are ILLEGALY sub selling their's worthless insurance !!
And the State of California shut down COMPLEX CORP for doing the same thing has the best rates for low budget film insurance