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Production Insurance?

Does anyone know of any places that offer cheap production insurance for low budget films, especially shorts? The places I've been calling have been quoting me more than my budget in some cases!

Soon your "alter ego" will answer the question as you have done on several other messageboards.

I was having the same problem. There are two companies that I know of that specialize in low (or even ultra-low) budget films. One is in San Francisco, though they may have just moved down or opened a branch in L.A. They�re called The Complex Corporation, but I don�t have their number handy. The other, that I�ve used on two films now, is Wildcard Productions. Their number is 818-237-5630. They�re the cheapest I�ve found and also very friendly. Hey, if I answered this correctly, does this mean I can be your "alter-ego"? Best, Melissa

Hey, if I answered this correctly, does this mean I can be your "alter-ego"?
Yes. Back on October Dashiell asked this same question and you answered with the same info. You each joined in Oct 23 and asked and answered the question. Then the new Dashiell joins on Jan 10 and Mel makes her second post - answering the question with the same info. And you two have done this on 4 other message boards. If you want to advertise Wildcard that's cool, but taking fellow filmmakers for fools is in bad form. has the best rates for low budget film insurance