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WPS on the Board

Hey everyone, it's WPS. I think this board is terrific 0 I;m glad I found it! I'm a director in Toronto, Canada, and I'm impressed with the community you have out here. I will be frequenting the Making Movies forums as much as I can, and I will try to answer some of the Q's that are out there. Ever since this Avid has gotten internet on it, I spend more time surfing than cutting. We have a board like this in Toronto called - but it's mostly for the behind-the-scenes photos that are sent in by crew/directors/production people - you should check it out, I haven't seen anything else like it on the web, and there's some great shots on it. Now, back to editing! WPS

Thanks for the link to It's my site and I am constantly amazed by the cool film and tv shoot pictures people upload. If you have any behind the scenes photos from films, tv shows, music videos or movies please feel free to upload them to . It's free, fast and easy. AND until January 31 2004 we are running a contest. Each upload gives you an entry!

Well, it was bound to happen and it did - I finally made my first film. "Ham & Cheese" is the (I didn't say it, but it was in one of our reviews) - "hilarious" story of two struggling actors trying to make it in the world of showbiz. Starring Jason Jones and Mike Beaver, it also features performances by such notable stars as Dave Foley (Kids In The Hall, Newsradio, A Bug’s Life), Scott Thompson (Kids In The Hall, The Larry Sanders Show) and Polly Shannon (Men With Brooms, the Trudeau mini-series). We are seeking distribution. We just came back from an incredible world premiere screening at the Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival (VIFVF) in Victoria, British Columbia - and granted, it's not Sundance, Cannes or Toronto, but it was an amazing first festival experience. They were amazing and treated us extremely well. I mean, at any other festival we would have been lost or overlooked - but we really got a great "buzz" around our movie. I am still a little out of it right now, so instead of a full debriefing about the ins and outs of a first time director at a festival, I invite you guys to check out some of the very kind articles written about us... (this one is the official Victoria newspaper's review - 3 and a half stars - right after The Triplets Of Belleville's 4 stars!) (eFilmCritic's Jason Whyte covered many of our actions throughout the festival, including my lead actor's (Mike Beaver's) very ENTERTAINING forum [or maybe I should say run-in] with the writer of Alien and Total Recall, Dan O'Bannon) (Jakob from Jakeopolis was one of the early supporters of the film, and his review will probably be the best one we'll ever get!) (Two more articles about the general goings on at the festival - it makes me and Mike Beaver sound like Par-tay animals. And we were - I had one shot of Jager and for those of you that know me...)