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WWII Movie

I am in the preproduction of a WWII movie right now and was wondering if anybody had some advice for me. I am working on the script (hardest part) and other such things like costumes and such. If anybody knows some good techniques to put into this kind of a film and other information to make it a good film please reply some suggestions. Thank you.

Does anybody ever reply or just sit there. come on people i need some help with my movie

What kind of help were ya looking for. I can give you lots of help from a technical advisor standpoint on military history (uniforms, battles, commanders ect). I am in the very begining stages of a WW2 script myself so maybe we could help each other. Max

Hi there, Well your post was back in Dec., but I only just started on this site this week, so I haven't seen much yet. Perhaps the first bit of advice I might suggest is that you let us know a few more details about your project. The war is an extremely complex subject with a multitude of stories to tell and even more nuances to the events those stories depict. Which part of the war? What theatre; Europe/Pacific? What focus; battle, espionage, command, strategy, underground, camps, Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, etc.? What, if any historical figures are involved? So much is possible, it's hard to know where to start. So, just what is it that you're trying to do? BTW, I have an amazing war story that no one knows about, even to this day... and it's not particularly flattering to Churchill. Still, a great story idea, and it's totally true and documented. One of these days I'll have to find the time to start working on the script. Anyway, best of luck. Cheers, Simon.

I am planing my next very low budget feature in NYC and ASIA, if anyone there who is interested in working with us as a team, lets give it a shot. Contact me or post your ideas. Thanks.

simoseku, Good luck with the Churchill story. I know some brits that would love to hear about it. I think someday down the path of history you should tell the least on the small screen! JCC