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Stephkaye's 25 Favourite Films of All Time

1-The Last Samurai 2-Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith 3-Life as a House 4-Gone with the Wind 5-Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 6-Star Wars II Attack of the Clones 7-Pirates of the Carribean The Curse of the Black Pearl 8-Star Wars VI Return of the Jedi 9-Secret Window 10-Final Destination 11-Eight Below 12-Minority Report 13-Lord of the Rings The Return of the King 14-Star Wars I The Phantom Menace 15-Tomb Raider II The Cradle of Life 16-My Fair Lady 17-Where the Heart Is 18-Alien Vs. Predator 19-StarGate 20-The Mummy 21-Troy 22-Mr. and Mrs. Smith 23-Shattered Glass 24-Reign of Fire 25-The Ghost and the Darkness There's NO FILM that I won't find something good about...... Stephkaye

I like your attitude about film but while there are some excellent choices-notably Gone with the Wind, Minority Report, Star Wars VI; Alien VS Predator Troy Reign of Fire Tomb Raider II Mr. and Mrs. Smith are definitely on my 25 most sucked balls list. Especially Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Angelina Jolie cannot act, the plot is totally ridiculous, the script is awful, the chemistry is awful, the film is awful!

LOL I loved when they stood there and never got shot yet managed to shoot 50+ bad guys. LAME! Read my review "Smith Misses" [url][/url]

Well, I'm really into mythology, and I think I like Troy so much because of that. If a movie deals with myths, I'm there. And what I liked about Troy so much is that it showed the one thing that most everyone wants in life. To be remembered. The whole thing was about honour and self-disciplne and who or what you'd fight for. Why there are wars. My fav. moment in Troy was definitely the Hector/Achilles battle because of how well it was awesomely choreographed. That and when Priam goes to Achilles to ask for Hector's body. That scene really touched me, esp when Achilles says "In the morning you are my enemy." And Priam responds, "You are still my enemy tonight, but even enemies can respect each other." So awesome. And yeah, it was pretty twisted that the Smith's in Mr. and Mrs. didnt even get grazed, when they killed all them guys, and that was my least fav part reality wise, but one of my fav parts action wise with the slow mo cuts. But in my opinion they had great chemisrty together, plus it helps that Angelina is one of my fav actresses, below Natalie Portman that is. Stephkaye

I still say that Natalie Portman's best role was in "Leon: The Professional."

Oooh, I've never got to see that yet, I SOOOO want to! I liked her in Garden State and StarWars of course. Closer wasnt what I thought it would be. And I wanted to see V for Vendetta, but mum didnt want to..... Stephkaye

Big respect man and fair enough if you like those films. I'm a big fan of mytholoy too-that's why I felt Troy ruined Homer's great work the Illiad by changing the storyline, adding in a bad love story and taking out the influence of the Gods. However, I do admit the battles were amazing-and Hector and Achilles's fight was done superbly-and accurately.

I felt so sorry for Natalie Portman and others in Star Wars-I liked the films well enough and it had a good cast-but the actors were given an abysmal script-'no I love you more.' Balls.

AH, but the same love story scenario was used to make Titantic more interesting. Though, it does detract from Homer's work. But it was just BASED on it, not a full RETELLING of it. Hey, that's why studios were invented, to add and take apart our babies. LOL ;) Stephkaye

Now, The Last Samurai...... Absolutely the best film of creation. The honour, and self-discipline, and compassion, and a man finding himself and discovering his true soul..... A beautiful story if ever there was one... Stephkaye

GL is famous for such wooden dialogue it's true, but man, you'd probably HATE my dialogue then, cause it's very proper and somewhat I guess you could say just as wooden and corny, but it's a whole nother galaxy, just like SW. Stephkaye

I quite enjoyed the Last Samurai-decent. It was nice to see Hollywood looking at another culture, the characterisation and plot was good and the battle scenes fantastic. I particularly enjoyed the last charge-hurrah!-really epic. I guess fair enough for them to change Homer-I just felt the Illiad was so good it didn't need to be changed. I wouldn't have minded so much if it hadn't been so hollywoodised and directed towards the target audience (not you). I can't understand why-since the original scripts were sooo good-GL botched the new ones!

Stephkaye wrote:
Oooh, I've never got to see that yet, I SOOOO want to!
Do they have video rental places where you live? Rent the uncut or director's cut of it. Hell, go buy it - it's worth owning.

I've looked for it. I cant find it in our rental places. Or in the stores. I suppose I'll go online and order it. Stephkaye

Dear God where to start... First off, the list of the top 25. I respect your love for those films, and I'll admit, I liked a few of them (and I mean a few). But I noticed something about the list. It seems like in every one of those films starred a "heart throb" or just did well at BO. Not to say a great film can't do well at the BO, but just not usually my particular cup of tea. As for George Lucas. I don't know if its so much the dialogue I have a problem with as much as the acting in Episodes:I-III. Ewan MacGregor, love him, Natalie Portman, love her. But I would have to say that those were some of their worst performances. Portman was much better in Closer and Leon the Professional. MacGregor was better in Trainspotting. Hayden Christensen was just an atrocious choice for Anakin. I hold Lucas personally responsible for the poor representation of Anakin. He should have known during the audition that Christensen was the wrong choice. Not just from his acting, but from his onscreen chemistry with both MacGregor and Portman. Also, I may have just misunderstood, but I read it like you were saying that the shaudy dialogue was okay because it took place "in a galaxy far far away". But I don't think that justifies his horrible sense of dialogue. Had it not been for the success of the first three, these scripts would have been put through Hollywood hell.

I reckon Lucas could have had the cream of the cream in those roles-but with lines like, 'I love you.' 'No, I love you more,' it was always doomed to failure. But I still quite enjoyed it.

Many say that Hayden was a poor choice for Anakin, and GL had a hard choice, it is said, between two finalists for the part, one being Hayden. They were screen tested with Nat and the chemistry between Nat and Hayden got the good graces of GL. And GL said himself that Hayden had that lingering edge, that underlying darkness that was so crucial to Anakin. You can see that underlying darkness and glimmer of inward confusion in the actor's eyes. And NO I am NOT saying this because he is considered a HEARTTHROB. GL picked him, because he said he has the constant edge of that dark side about him, whereas other guys didnt but could simply turn it on when they needed to. Hayden already possessed it. Even Natalie is reported saying that Hayden was a quiet fellow, and what I mean by this, is that it's usually the quiet ones that possess the qualities to do anything in a role. They are already centred and focused. And Hayden has that sensability about him. He did it exactly how GL wanted him to do it. So if any blame is to be put on anyone, it should be directed toward GL (even though I thought the performances were greatl) because GL told him to do that or accepted the way Hayden did things for the role. It was all true to the character, and it was GL's character and Hayden simply helped him in bringing that "Little boy from Tatooine" to the silver screen once more as a grown man, that was to be the dark lord. Stephkaye

I agree-I thought in general Hayden carried the part well-the darkness and anger in his character particularly-but as I've said, though he had some fine moments and some bad ones-the general effect was dampened by the rubbish script-and I was disappointed by his turn to the darkside-it happened in a few short scenes and although in some ways GL had showed his anger building for a while-the actual turn I felt was unconvincing and short-it should have been more dramatic, maybe the Jedi killing Padme or ordering that they be separated-something to really make him hate them. Good Talk.

That's true. I remember commenting to my sister, that Annie fell way too easy and way too fast. The whole thing happened in the scene with Mace's death. Now it had some fine moments. The indecision Ann had when Mace and Pal were shooting back and forth, "No he's the traitor! Dont listen to HIM!" That was all good and the disarming Mace was OK, but the thereafter was a bit rushed. Ann was just like "what have i done?" then 2 seconds later its OK TEACH ME!!! I agree. I was expecting the Jedi to find out somehow of their marriage. There wasnt enough hate i think. But the whole "You turned her against me!" at the end before the Ann/Obi clash was believable. I liked that he went against Obi because he thinks he took her away. That IS a good point of his evil-turn and his overpowering anger. I liked it. But what I dont get is why GL didnt leave in the deleted scenes or add more to the Anakin Turns scenes, because, I dont know about every other SW fan out there, but I wouldnt have minded another half hour. Stephkaye