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Genres you love and hate.

Thought it could be fun to find out what genres people like or don't like. Firstly, I hate films made for children - which includes most of the Disney efforts since the late 40's. I was brought up on Shane, Night of the Hunter, King Kong (1933) and It's a wonderful Life and dislike the trend of exploiting kids with immature rubbish that prevents them growing up. But i think my pet hate must be religious movies. The Passion of the Christ is an abomination of a film, a big piece of fascist propaganda lacking any passion, beauty or spirituality. In fact, i dislike any film with Jesus in it except perhaps Scorsese's Last Temptation of Christ, everything else should be thrown on a big bonfire! Just my opinion now guys so be kind! However, i love westerns, war, sci-fi, action, romance and especially film noir, but think that dramas are my favourite genre of film. Simple intense unsentimental dramas about men and women and relationships.

Personally, I loathe any film with British actors in them. LOL KIDDING. I have worked with Vinnie Jones and I think he's very cool. I go for action, suspense, thrillers, war, westerns, comedies, dramadies and the like. I'm so very tired of chick flicks that male bash. Although, since my girlfriend is an Irish redhead, I'm forced to see some form of chick flick once in a while. The price we pay, eh boys? Not really into slasher-type films either. I mean, I'm waiting for the camera angle of the blade ripping through flesh as seen from INSIDE the victim's body. :roll:

I really don't have any genres that I hate, I'd rather say I like good films, and if a film is good, it doesn't matter what genre it is in. of course, some genres have more bad films than good, such as Chick Flicks, Slasher Films, and Religious films, but every once in a while you'll find a film that transcends its genre, or exploits its genre, and those are usually the gems. my personal favorite genres: Comedy Drama Sci-Fi Noir Suspense Westerns Thrillers my personal least favorites: Chick Flicks (especially male-bashers) Teen-Age Angst dramas Sports movies (they try to be clever, but they are practically all alike.) Religious Films (I disagree with Zabriskie tho. The Passion was a well crafted film that was Mel Gibson's honest look at his own beliefs. Not propaganda at all)

I'm not into slasher movies either. And I'm not into a lot of the new animation flicks. I haven't seen a ton of shows featured in space that like. I like suspense/thrillers, dramas, comedies, action, some war flicks, and the occasional chick flick .

Oh and I can't say that I've loved a lot of those sports movies either. Boring!

nightwolf is right, there aren't a lot of Sci-Fi films that can be called GOOD but they are out there. And, a film doesnt have to be set in space for it to be a scifi. In fact, most of my favorites are not. I just like the way they are able to take a unique look at ourselves, that makes it worth it. my favorites: Star Wars 2046 12 Monkeys Serenity Brazil The Matrix Gattaca The Truman Show Alien 2001: A Space Odyssey The Day The Earth Stood Still

i hate alot of comedies, because alot suck. but alot are good. I hate chick flicks, i like dramas thrillers and anything with a good storyline and good acting. p.s. i think one of the most important things of a film can easily reside with the cinematography. If it aint good it aint worth watching to me. If it aint clean it aint worth anything.

Maybe hate is too strong a word, and yes The Passion of the Christ is well made technically, but i still think it's careful propaganda. However, propoganda in itself isn't a bad thing, Casablanca was a propaganda film after all, and most films have some kind message to deliver or sell to us. I just dislike religious films because they are pious, sentimental, manipulative, dull, safe, etc. I've got nothing against jesus and his teachings (even though i'm atheist), but i think jesus would be appalled at some of the films that are made about his life. It occured to me that genre really isn't a fixed thing, there are many cross-overs. Like 'Alien' for example which could be sci-fi or horror depending on the point of view (or maybe both). Maybe genre then isn't a reliable guide in itself to whether a film is good or bad? There are good and bad films in all the genres, like kevinfrompng says, but also there are proportionally many more good dramas or comedies than there are religious films. Maybe this means that there is something inherently uncinematic about depicting religion? Doesn't film require characters that are ordinary folk we can relate to, on our level, who share our feelings and experiences? One more thing - the thing i really like about this website is the freedom with which you all express yourself. It's refreshing because on most of the UK message boards the Brits seem very reserved and afraid of speaking their mind. p.s. The Matrix Reloaded was shown on UK television last night for the first time, now that's something that could make people hate sci-fi...

I just dislike religious films because they are pious, sentimental, manipulative, dull, safe, etc. I've got nothing against jesus and his teachings (even though i'm atheist), but i think jesus would be appalled at some of the films that are made about his life.
I really could not agree with you more. (even though I'm a Christian) Religious films, in general are everything you have described, and I have often wondered why this is. I think it has something to do with the way they tend to try to answer questions instead of asking them, I for one, would rather watch a film that asks good questions. And propaganda, as you said, exists in almost all films in some form, but I think the problem is that religious films often sacrifice the story or the real questions deep down for the sake of their propaganda. On the other hand, I think it's safe to say the majority of the world believes in some religion or other, so why is it so bad to include it in our films? There are some films that are 'religious' films that are truly amazing, for example Through a Glass Darkly, Winter Light, and The Silence (all by Ingmar Bergman). That's an interesting note you made about UK discussion boards, I would never have thought that... You seem to not have any problem expressing yourself. :D

I like the organic nature of conversations, you never know where they are going to go, sometimes they seem to discover their way in the process of writing. If we were to turn this into something more positive, what then are the really great films dealing with religion? Here's a few to think about; The Cardinal - Preminger. Ordet - Dreyer Day of Wrath - Dreyer Winter Light - Bergman Black Narcissus - Powell Viridiana - Bunuel Nazarin - Bunuel Diary of a Country Priest - Bresson Mean Streets - Scorsese Europa 51 - Rossellini Odd Man Out - Reed

Ok, ok, lot of interesting points made here-here's what I think. Firstly-all movies should say SOMETHING about life or war or romance or whatever-the good ones should make us think-propaganda is a bit strong-I always associate propaganda with Fascists or Communists-but I suppose it works in this context. I also think a film can be biased, extreme but brilliant because of its power-as long as, of course, its biasedy is not hate-filled, extremist, racist etc-but there aren't many of these. Many people dislike Michael Moore because they say he's extreme and only looks at one side; personally I thought BFColumbine was brilliant (farhenheit was...good in parts)-but to say he is one sided is perhaps to miss the point-even if he is much of what he says is true-and as an audience, we shouldn't condemn it as rubbish but be reserved and say, 'yeah, gun crime is a serious problem and maybe the media is to blame-but it's only one point of view.' Likewise, with a film like the passion, we should say, 'Christ was an amazing man who suffered terribly for what he believed was saving man from sin and was a great teacher-maybe even he was the son of God-but it is only ONE point of view.' I think people can be very quick to condemn Christianity because of some of its fascist and frankly bullshit ideas-but maybe we should just step back and say, 'it had some good and some bad'-and that way we'll be able to use free speech to its full potential and not get overly politically correct. The sad truth and flaw in this entire argument is that a lot of people will watch Michael Moore and watch the Passion and say 'yeah that's completely true-let's go and ban abortion, stem cell research and assasinate the government.' As for kids films-I think they are good as long as they are films that both kids and adults can watch and be moved, amused etc. EG-The Iron Giant (Brilliant), Shrek, the Lion King etc. I do admit that Disney are in some ways bullying corporate scum. All genres have potential-but unless they have 3d characters, a good plot and emotional capacity they fail. Of course this means that Slasher Movies, Chick Flicks, Romantic comedies and action movies usually crash. My favourite genres are war films, romances and westerns. Finally-a little humour about the passion to end on. Any English people out there will have heard of standup Jimmy Carr-and this is a great joke: Jimmy: 'So has anyone seen this movie the Passion of the Christ? This new film about Christ's life that Mel Gibson directed? It's got a lot of Christians very angry, a lot of Christians are up in arms about this. Because apparently Mel Gibson tacked on a silly hollywod ending where the hero comes back at the end. :D

Diary of a Country Priest is definately a great one. I'd have to add The Sacrifice by Tarkovsky on there. And while we're on the subject of Dreyer, what about The Passion Of Joan of Arc? I think it could possibly be THE best 'religious' film ever made. You brought up a lot of good points, Strangeman, and it's my bed time so I'll have to be breif. :D Micheal Moore has created something unique with his films, and I think he has a lot to say and a lot of it is true. The problem with saying something that is so loaded with controversy, though... All it seems to acheive is get those who disagree with him to hate him, and those who agree with him cheer him on. It really doesn't make up anyone's mind one way or another. And when you make a documentary, there is definately something to be said about an appeal to truth. In reality, Moore's films are more about personal vendettas than objective truth. Does this make his films bad? probably not. Has he made the films he was trying to achieve? yes. And that's probably what's best about him. It's true, the world is full of point of views. We've experienced a number of them in this very thread. Does anyone have the right point of view about everything? I don't think so. I'm glad we all respect each other's point of views enough to have a discussion like this, and express ourselves. And I think respect is what makes someone like Werner Herzog a much better documentary filmmaker than Micheal Moore. I know all that is a bit off subject (then again, this post is just one huge rabbit trail), but at this point it doesnt matter. :D I think Family Guy summed up a lot of Christians in their Christmas episode: guy1: "Frank, there's nothing you can do." Frank: *sadly* "Oh. Well, I guess i'll just have to get a sense of humor..." off to bed,

I do agree Kevin that documentaries should try to take a respectful point of view-then again it is a complete paradox: If I say documentaries should be fair and have a balanced argument-then surely also the views on our own forum should be balanced-but don't we all love to have a good attack? I mean, it is really entertaining when a writer makes an outrageous statement or just a bold statement-should this be dismissed? I don't know-because if you condone it you get extremism-if you don't you become the very extremist you seek to eradicate. I guess I felt that Michael Moore was making a very good point in 'Bowling for Columbine'-but I'm not a liberal/socialist like he is-though I certainly swing his way more than the conservatives-but I also guess it's true that either right-wing gun toting extremists will hate him or liberals, hippies, socialists etc. will love him. The bottom line is that the general public are interested in a 'balanced view'-they want extremism, they want action, they want to hear about kids getting gunned down. A documentary has the twin fate of being dumbing down and one sided and being popular or being fair and taking both sides and only being appreciated by a select few. I can't remember that episode-what series is it? What happens?

Horror (particularly slasher flicks) is my least favorite genre, though if something is excellent I'll give it a try.

Strangeman, this is exactly the conundrum (how DO you spell that frikkin word?) that I have been dealing with. A good attack from out of no where is funny, but there's a line there, too. If a dude comes up to you and starts raving about liberalism in a rediculous way, it would most likely be funny. If, then, you find out that his conclusion is to go out an bomb abortion clinics, it just stops being funny. Most of what Micheal Moore does is funny, but at a certain point, extremism just becomes sad. I think we'd all agree on that. the point at which this happens is up to debate. Rediculousness is much funnier in fiction, like Family Guy. I can't even remember what season it was from, but it's a Christmas episode where Peter gets up on stage and says "Christmas is the time of year when the ghost of Jesus rises from the dead and we all have to sing him Christmas Carols to lull him back to sleep until next year." And a guy in the audience says "What? That's so heretical, It makes me so mad! I just want to DO something!" His pal next to him says, "Frank, there's nothing you can do." and Frank says "Oh. Well, I guess i'll just have to get a sense of humor..."

LOL-I remember it now. Hey do you remember the one where Peter's at the funeral of his boss and he says, 'As you know, we Christians believe that Jesus isn't dead, but that he must make us think he is dead-until he can quell the raging spirit that dwells within him-DUN, DUN, DUN, DUN, DUN-DUNNNNNNN!-and he lifts up the picture of the incredible hulk next to Jesus's picture. 8)

hehehe... Peter Griffin is hilarious. I haven't seen that particular episode, but I can imagine how awesome it must have been. :lol:

I am not too fond of westerns, probably cause my dad always made me sit down and watch them with him..... Stephkaye

I know what you mean. My dad loved Roy Rogers and Audie Murphy (enough to damage any young child) but i rediscovered the western myself with the help of Peckinpah and Anthony Mann. Dad also tried to make me sit through football but i always thought the story was weak and the acting was a bit cardboard... :wink: thankfully i didn't feel any desire to rediscover that sport. Sport movies! Can't think of many good films that have been made about sport. Gentleman Jim, Fat City, Bull Durham, The Hustler, Breaking Away... (i'm struggling here)

The Hurricane, Raging Bull, Ali, Rumble in the Jungle, Chariots of Fire and of course, the legendary Mighty Ducks series. Go on-take me down.

I absolutely love sci-fi films. You get to make up your own rules about the world and the galaxy. Pretty amazing stuff.... Stephkaye