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I want to see a good short

Hi, I want to see what people consider to be a good low budget or no budget shorts.. Ive been working on no budget movies in Prague for a few months, and I want to compare my stuff with what people consider to be great short, no budget movies.. So please send me links if anyone has any... and also if you can, tell me why you think it is good.. Like great camera shots, edited very well, directed well, great actors, great story? or what. Thanks

Just a few days ago i saw the Oscar nominated shorts. I guess you can say that these films belong to the best you can see every year. Although their budget is probably not low you can just see what's a great short and compare them to your own work. What better comparison? Also Sony releases a DVD every year where they give filmmakers their newest camera and they shoot a short with it. This year they shot it with Sony's CineAlta HD camera. The shorts produced are very cool. I am not sure but i think you can order the DVD's from Sony. Again Sony gives them a budget but it's awesome to see what professionals can do when they get creative.

[url=]Sunday's Game[/url] you can google for it, I watched it on ifilm about six months ago, it should still be there. I'm not sure on the budget exactly, but it's a good short.

Have you tried the Cinema 16 DVDs? They are a series of DVDs which show the early short film work of recognised directors such as George Lucas, Pedro Almodova, Tim Burton, Chris Nolan etc. Really worth checking out.

hey James. Where did you get the Cinema 16 DVDs?

The official website - Not too sure if they ship internationally, but you could try Amazon etc. Really good set of DVDs.

Yeah I'd go for the European shorts selection though, the first one with famous directors isn't as good, look up BMW Films as well, bunch of shorts funded by BMW shot by directors like John Woo, Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, really interesting selection as well. Not much use in Prague but also well worth checking out are the screenings, they happen all over the US and select a pretty high quality of films some made on tiny budgets (my short screened a tour with them and only cost �500 Steve

I saw that I think 2 years ago on Ifilm. Funny and disturbing.

found a short film here made by filmschool students: [url][/url]