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~Renting Equipment?~

Ok, If your just starting out and you dont want to wait untill you have enough money to purchase all your equipment i.e. mic, camera, lights. Is it possible to maybe rent equipment or hows that work? Im sure many directors dont actually use their own equipment when shooting. Then again im just starting so theres many things I need/want to learn still.

Very true. Especially when it comes to high end equipment like full HD video camera and 35mm cameras or even most 16mm cameras. Panavision for example ONLY rents - no one can buy one. Or hard to store items. A well equipped film set needs thousands of pieces of equipment from as small as an apple box to as large as a crane. Even 10 c-stands with arms and sandbags and a full selection of scrims, silks and flags take up a lot of room. Most directors don't own all that - they rent. Or the prodCo rents. There are rental house that rent everything needed to make a movie. From cameras, to grip equipment to lighting to tables and chairs, to walkie-talkies to cranes, to audio equipment, to coffee makers. How it works is you go to the rental house, tell them what you need to rent and for how long. You fill out the paper work and off you go!

Ok good deal. Where would I find out where the nearest rental house is. Is there a website maybe that has store locations? Or is it online?