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best PC laptop for video editing?

Hi, i'm going to buy a laptop soon and would like to know which brands and models you think are the best in the PC world that will be powerful enough to do video editing. Also what components should i be looking for. thank you, Lisa :?


Go with an apple computer. I'm getting my PowerBook G4 here soon and from what i have read (and played around with), the computers are super-optimized for multimedia purposes. I'm getting the 15-inch screen and it is big enough so you can do video editing without squinting your eyes to see everything. Check it out Happy searching

Oh I didnt notice your last question. The things you should look for when your doing video editing is how fast the CPU is and RAM. The one I got has a 1.5GHz processor and i pumped it up to 1GB of RAM. Also you should look for what type of ports or plugins are available on the computer. Also if you do DVD authoring, then you also want to look to see if it has a DVD burner built into it (usually these days, all recent laptops have this). So good luck and if you have any questions what so ever, PM me or just reply to here.

Hi liquid image, thank you but i'm interested in getting a non-mac laptop. i have a friend who was an avid mac user who, now says, after owning and working with several mac and pcs that he much perfers to work with the pc software vegas then the mac software. he also complains profusely about mac's in general. he says they have a lot of gliches and are missing many small but very important features that make the general use easier. thanks again, LR

the thing about Apple is, as I have found searching for the perfect PC laptop, when you buy an Apple there is not much complicated choosing. It looks nice and it does a good job. Where as when you go looking for a PC you are bombarded with a million choices and each has their advantages.(price, battery life, noise, screen, looks, bulkiness) But I would have to say that you can get more for your money going with PC. Macs do seem to lack those handy little short cuts that Windows does have. But Mac's latest OS has some functions that pretty much balance it out. For example, when you have a million windows open, instead of minimizing eachone, you simply move your mouse to the corner of the screen and they magically move out of the way! move the mouse to the other side and you get a minnie view of all accessible windows and you can quickly access any of them. Having said that, I still am going with a PC laptop. I think they're great. Windows is getting better all the time. It is even starting to look nice. Who would of thought? I am having a hard time choosing the right laptop because I want to pay not a penny more than $2800, and yet have top of the line specifications. I will send some info of what I have found, later. I'd like to see what you discovered too. quick list of nice laptops though: +SONY A-series and GRT-series(I hope that's what they're called in your area. sony has many different names for what i think are the same products sold in different areas.) +DELL M60, XPS, insprion 8600 +AlienWare Roswell M (like you haven't already looked it up) +HP/Compaq Presario Toshiba may have something, but i haven't really checked them out yet. They focus more on Home entertainment and business. They probably have something that can handle the job. My mom has a Satelllite. It has proven itself For the past year. IBM's are pretty much out of the question, because they are expensive and do not cater at all to NLE.(and if you like that kind of thing, graphics demanding games are out of the question) IBM's are like Apples. They get away with having slower computers because they make a good product that is specified for a certain type of clientel. 1BEYOND is another brand of laptop that is specifically made for NLE work. They are essentially desktops in a small package. But given their high price($4000-$5000+) you are better of with a Roswell M(~$2800), which performs just as well. -James

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