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Rules and Regulations: Documentary vs. Fiction

Does anyone know where I can find general rules regarding documentaries? Specifically, I need to know the following: 1.) If when shooting someone's home, do I need to get rights and clearances on the posters, the soda--any of the name brand products and trademarked items people have/use? 2.) Do SAG rules apply to actors who happen to live in the house but aren't the focus of the documentary? In other words, do I have to pay a SAG actor who just happens to be in a documentary? 3.) Do I need to get location releases for malls, bed & breakfasts, etc.? 4.) If I block faces of those I don't have releases for or just use the audio with no visual, is that a problem? 5.) Do rules vary state to state? If anyone knows the answers off hand please let me know, I much appreciate it. I'm assuming documentaries have a little more room to breathe but maybe not. Thanks! --jeremy ______________