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Hey guys, I am a young Filmmaker who lives in Atlanta, Ga. I want to get some squibbs for my short films but can't find any. I often call movie production house and movie supply houses to hear "squibbs, what are those?" I know a way to make a contraption that will act as a squibb but it doesn't work very well. I need some squibbs, I've been using camera cuts to try and substitue but I want to see blood shoot out of a guy's chest on screen with no cuts. tell me if you know were to get them. Also I am always willing to buy props so if you know a cool store or website to buy movie guns, blanks, body parts etc I wanna know that to. Thanx for your time. -Julian


I just want to note that you need to be a licensed pyrotechnician to be able to use squibs legally. I have no idea where to buy them tho. I know there are books on how to make them though, using gun powder and det wires.

The troubles is that you want the blood to should out without cuts. If you use a cut you can do a close up a just pore fake blood through a little pipe and let it shoot out of a prostetic wound or a blooded gap in the actors clothing. If you'd choose to do this without a cut you gotta be carefull that you don't see the actor squeeze a little bag of fake blood and remind that it degrades the performance of the actor and that you'll see less blood spurting out. If you didn't need it to shoot out, you could shoot fake blood at the actor with compressed air and if you like you could put in a little black hole to make it look more real. Just be carefull, because it's painfull for the actor and you'd better not aim from too far and don't aim for their head. Another trick is to paste in digitally rendered blood shooting out of the wound. Keep in mind to combine with other techniques to make it look more real. Good luck, Gryphon.

Soak beans in blood is what I used to do and shoot them thru a blow gun.Not real bloos of coarse.

I read of a really good method involving a garden hose, fake blood, gaffer tape, and a pump-up insecticide sprayer. I haven't tested it out yet, but I'm going to, but from what i've seen, it looks pretty cool and fairly realistic, if it was edited well. To find this method, go to and search for gun effects or blood effects.

I have used the insecticide sprayer. It works extremely well, there are instructions online for it.

A little trick I�ve used: Thread a length of fishing line through a small button with a needle. Carefully punch the needle through the inside of a condom so the button is inside. A drop of latex will seal the tiny hole the needle made. Fill the condom with blood and seal it. Attach the condom to a heavy (but small) piece of cardboard with super glue or liquid latex. With a bit of twine, tie this cardboard backing to your actor. Now score the costume where you want the blood to fly. Thread the fishing line through the costume and set up your shot. When you yank hard on the fishing line, the button will pull out of the condom and the blood will spray. You can use a large syringe - 100cc and bigger. Check [url][/url] or any medical supply store. Smaller syringes - 50cc or so - are great for a good bullet hit. The bigger ones are good for a neck cut or even a severed hand or arm. With a little practice you can get a nice blood pumping effect. Use a Hudson Sprayer [url][/url] for longer sprays like in Japanese martial arts and Samurai movies. Years ago I found two water fire extinguishers at a thrift store. You can unscrew the top, fill it with your blood mixture and then pressurize it at a gas station air pump. Huge, long, powerful sprays of blood for an over the top horror movie.

Hollywood, Could you show some pictures of what this may look like in the end?

Hey guys/girls. I'm looking to try this on the weekend, see what you think. Half way down the page. Regards Pob.

I�m sure I�ve got pictures on my drive somewhere. I�ll see if I can find them and then post them where you can see them. That site Pob links has a couple of good shots. If you have the original Dawn of the Dead take a look at the shot of the guy in the elevator shaft towards the end of the movie. Freeze frame it and you can clearly see the line being pulled. It�s a huge explosion of blood without using explosives.