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Cool not an intervieuw in here! :) What 3D app do you use?

Hey for the 3D guys here.... 3D max Maya other? And why? I prefer max, the interface is waaaay user friendly. Altough I love the tools maya has ( cloth, fur etc.) Cinema4D has a damn nice renderer... Altough mental ray in max is also quite OK :) Your thoughts on this?


I prefer Maya and Renderman. I like Maya's tools and it's very good at handling most of what I need to do.

i have been using 3d studio max for 4 years now

I love using 3D Studio MAX I have a question though... is there a way to make MAX render in hardware mode rather than software?

yeah sure it is :) Go to CUSTOMIZE PREFERENCES VIEWPORTS and then completely down below you see choose driver... You can also change the shortcut to 3D max instead of c:\3dsmax\3dmax.exe (for example) you add -firstrun (I THINK so) behind the link, then a dialogue will appear when you run max and you can choose your driver (look this up tho im not sure about the -firstrun).... njoy :)

I did know that... What I ment was the final rendering (production). When the whole scene is finished and I want to render it to a file. It obviously uses software rendering... is there a way to make 3dsmax use GPU rather than CPU?

yes it uses software rendering trough your processor... it wouldnt make a difference if you render it trough hardware. Unless you got a special hardware gfx card for it. I forgot the name/company but il look it up for ya... its very expensive tho. whats wrong with rendering trough CPU? EDIT here it is: PURE render card :P have fun!

There's nothing wrong in CPU rendering...BUT... ...I play computer games from time to time. When I see beautiful scenes rendered at more than 50 fps on my computer I think to myself 'hey! why can't my 3d studio scenes be rendered in this way... much faster!' I did some openGL programing using 3ds files and I know it's possible. Or maybe I'm wrong?