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Need a little help to make plastic gun props look realistic.

I've bought some really sheap plastic guns from a dollar store near where I live, and I think they're a pretty good prop and all, but they could use a little work, specifically on the color. Right now they're a sky-blue colour, but what would be a good spray-paint colour to use on it?


I'd say paint them black...or maybe even a darker or lighter gray.

I've done a little work on some fake guns similar to this. Spray paint is the way to go here, you'll never get rid of the brush strokes otherwise. I would get a very dark blue paint and do a 2 coat base coverage. Let it fully dry between all coats. Then go back over lightly with a black semi gloss. Then slowly build up a gloss clear coat layer with Spray Polyurethene. Make sure you don't overspray on the first coat. If the spray paint starts to puddle up or give you an orange peel look, the best thing to do is let it dry, sand it off, then try again with lighter coverage. If you want to pick up the details and highlights of the parts of the gun you could take some light grey or silver paint and use a drybrush technique before applying the clear coat. Dry brushing means dipping a brush in the paint, then getting almost all of the paint off on a piece of scrap, then lightly dusting the gun with the brush (don't over do it). What it will do is allow just enough paint to hit the high points of the gun without actually painting the gun silver. It should give a metallic sort of sheen. And if you don't like it, just hit it again with the black paint. --Trey

Thanks, that's a really helpful tip. Much appreciated.

Send it to me i will make it look good

Thanks, but no thanks.

While some guns are nickel, chrome, blued or black, (or a mixture of any of these) it would be the easiest to paint it black. The camera will never notice slight imperfections or the difference between black and blue steel. The most important is the barrel opening. Drill it open or never show it. Semi-gloss or matt finish would be okay, but don't use hi-gloss.