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need to know to to create realistic scars and cuts

i will need a close up shot of the person's hands in which somone will cut the surface with a knife. i m looking for blood oozing out after the knife cuts through. then also looking for a way to make a realistic looking fake scar :D


You need a small syringe or an eardropper and a length of aqurium tubing. Tape the tubing to the back of the knife (away from the camera). If you cut off an inch or two from the tip of the knive it gives the illusion that its in the flesh. Squeeze the syringe as you draw the knife across the hand and the blood will flow, looking like it's coming from the cut. A scar can be made using Derma Wax. Place a bit of the wax on the person and spread it out to the desired length with a wooden sculpting tool. Blend the edges into the skin using baby oil, pat dry and then cover with make up. Remember that scars are slightly lighter than the skin tone.