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Does any one have a good idea? I have to change a girl from an A-cup to a C-cup. I have bought a bra that fits her, but any body have an idea what to fill in it to make it look real? I have tried sand and water, but none of that looked any good. :D thanks for your help


Have you thought of "falsies' or actually using a breast implant between her skin and the bra? Wait, are you going to see her in just a bra? Or is this all through a shirt? Are you looking for a cleavage shot? Think along the lines of women who have breasts removed because of Cancer - what do they do? Don't they also make bras that are, ummm, bigger with padding? Hey, I don't make 'em - I just unhook 'em. :lol: 8)

As i mentioned i have bought a bra, and my idea was to fill it up. I have some big strong ballons, that i have tried to use. I looked good enougt in the sports-bra, but the sand or water did not look real, when she moved (there is a little moving, her beeing slapped across the face and a sex-scene on a table). And no, there will be no cleavege shots, she will just be a boring looking secretary :D

Ummm, YOU looked good in a bra? Do you need to go on the Jerry Springer show? LOL Kidding. :lol:

Maybe I should get my self a new keyboard (got this one from a dumpster), the "T" (and "n" and "2") are quite worn :D But on the other hand then i would not have en excuse when i embaress my self :D

Muddy's right. Why bang your head against a wall trying to make water balloons or bags of sand (I'm reminded of the 40 Year Old Virgin) look like breasts, when modern science has the answer. Get a pushup bra and and those plastic rubbery breast enhancer things, whatever they're called. Falsies I guess. I think I've seen em in one of my wife's many catalogs of crap I can't afford to buy. You can't stop modern science. --Trey

Just use material - cloth - socks - cut them up. It'll work, as long as the bra is worn under her costume/clothes. Also, use tape to bring up the breasts. Many, many music videos to learn these tricks. WPS

just pick up some silicon "enhancers" at WalMart, they are relatively cheap and effective.

TomCat wrote:
just pick up some silicon "enhancers" at WalMart, they are relatively cheap and effective.
And you know that...because...? 8)