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cuting out wires

How would you go by cuting out wires? I thoght of the method of motion tweening a garbge matte to follow the wire and cover it up with a still of the location, but are there any other good ways of going about this?


**If you do any sort of shooting with stunts that include wire harnesses or wire levitating of any sort you must hire someone who is a professional stunt coordinator with experience in these types of stunts. You also need insurance and a medic on set. People can die very very quickly on the end of a rope.** That being said. A still frame would betray itself immediatly as the grain of the image would not move. It's better to actually have a full roll of footage. You have to do a locked down shot. So take care of all of your action with the camera locked down on a tripod, no tilts or pans. Then roll the camera for the same length of time as your original action. No one can shift the camera or tripod in anyway. You can't change any lights or any major background props either. It's very difficult to do this outside because the sun keeps moving. You now have what are called FX plates. One with the actors and action happening in it, and one with just the background. Simple rectangle mattes are all that are needed since wires are usually pulled taut. Keyframe and motion tween away. It is possible to do moving shots, but for results it requires a motion control rig. A geared tripod head and/or dolly that are controlled by a computer to always make the same exact movements. --Trey

Thats the same way as i posted , any other ways to do it. Just curous.

Certain live theater wire rigs are extremely difficult to see in a live performance and would probably work very well in a medium/wide shot, if your lighting is right. Then you wouldn't have to do anything in post. --Trey