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I need a snake to look real

Im in preproducttion of a short western. I need a diamond back rattlesnake. The scene calls for a snake to be flying through the air over a persons head and then lands on the ground. It then coils and rattles and then gets shot and dies. I have a foam filled snake prop that doesnt look real and I have a 6 foot real Diamond Back Rattler skin The skin has been cleaned and has been treated and cured. Cut down the belly and still has the head hide and the rattles attached. I dont really know where to go from here. I looked into animatronics but it seems expensive for my micro budget. Any suggestions. I would like to spend less than $500 if possible.


Hi, We are a SFX Makeup artist, I can to make the snake for your movie,In my shop I realized: Special makeup effects Animatronic Animal creatures If do you want contact me at:

I'd love to turn over this prop to a specialist like yourself but I doubt I could pay you what you're worth. My budget is minimal and I relize this is a problem for what I expect. I layed out my needs of the scene in the above post. What would it cost me to turn it over to a SFX company such as yourself? My shot list for this scene is first, the underneath belly area of a 6 foot diamondback rattler flying through the air. This shot is from ground level looking up at the snake as it goes sailing overhead. So the shot will show the snakes belly from head to toe and it should move as a live snake would if tossed through the air. The second shot is of the snake hitting the ground and coiling up into a striking position hissing and rattling. The third shot is of the snake being shot by a gun. A squibb could blow out a chunk of meat possibly and then the snake's movements following this trauma squirming slightly with a light twitch. Three shots. Not alot of camera time but it must look believable. No it must look totally gnarly! Im hoping to be able to touch up some finer points in post with small well placed CGI. But I dont know what Im talking about really. This will be shot in Central Texas and I think I can find a real snake for using in shot one and two but the third shot has to be a fake snake for obvious reasons. This short keeps threatening to become a feature for us so we may well be in developement for a long time to come. We're in no hurry. Yet.

Hi, (Sorry I dont understund your name!!) Where is your budget for the fake snake? We are very interesting to realized it.

My name? It's just a nick name. Im big and in my youth I spent alot of time in the woods. Ive had this nick name for 30 years. Its just a silly nickname. Where's my budget? I have a bank account. Or I can pay via PayPal. I couldn't get your website to open up the "about us" page. Where are you based? I'm interested in figuring out how to make a 6 foot fake rattlesnake that can explode a chunk of flesh out it's side or head as if it has been shot by a pistol. Then it needs to squirm and twitch a little. Any ideas anyone?

Hi BigElk, I'm making my own kind of animatronics. Very cheap, but good quality. I'm just starting out though, so don't have anything on tape yet. I've just made some brontosaurus neck and head move absolutely believable in real-time. I could make and tape a rattler for you for about $ 200,-, if you're not in a hurry. This would be taped on video, cause I don't have acces to a camera! Just started building a website, but it's not about my animatronics yet, that'll come later. Or, if you wanna do it yourself; -when the snake hits the ground; coil it up first, pull it a few times, then pull it away into the sky with a fishing-wire, play the tape later in reverse. -when the gunshot hits the snake; blow up a balloon containing blood and stuff, insert it in the neck of the snake, and then pull or shoot a needle through it. If you first cut a hole in the side, then glue the pieces back with really bad glue, you see lots of debri when it explodes and a missing piece of body at that place. Obvious you'll have to play a little with these techniques to get it right... Greetings from Holland, Johan, 8)

Thanks, that helped. I guess Im going to use a real snake for the first two shots. Although I don't have one lined up yet. So if anyone knows of a snake wrangler in the Austin, Texas area please let me know. The biggest problem seems to be the final squirms and twitches that I want in the third shot. Muscle wire has been suggested but I dont know anything about that. Also one guy suggested using a slingky type of skeleton inside the snake and pull on the wire using hiden strings. This snake is turning out to be a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.

Sorry Big, have you received my p.m.?

Where are you based? I'm interested in figuring out how to make a 6 foot fake rattlesnake that can explode a chunk of flesh out it's side or head as if it has been shot by a pistol. Then it needs to squirm and twitch a little. Any ideas anyone? Im gonna go back on my handmade jewelry and wait for your reply.