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Creating a Full-Body Mold/Cast of an Actor

I need to create a full size, full-body model of my lead actor that is hollow, so that it can be filled with light and then various pieces of it stripped away to let the light shine out. Can anyone point me toward finding out how to do this? Do I use latex, or is there some other faster/cheaper way to go? I unfortunately have no money for an FX artist on this short and will have to do it myself.


Hi, You must to make an alginate life cast of actor,fill the negative with plastelene or wax,refining the wax mold,to make an fiberglass or stone of mold and fill the negative with latex or realistic material as silicone or gelatine,is very long and difficult process,where are you from? if do you want I can to help you!! :) Best Mauro Fabriczky