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University of New Orleans

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<p> <strong>Attended</strong>: present<br> <strong>Recommend</strong>: Yes <p> I'm a third year undergraduate here at UNO. I've worked on over two dozen films, three of them my own. When I'm enrolled in a production course, I've got access to a 10,000 sq.ft. soundstage with props and flats already built, grip truck with generator, Steadicam, Arri SR, AVID, Sound Forge, complete digital audio workstation, and now they're adding a motion capture facility to go with their 3D graphics/animation stations. I'm in hog heaven. The tuition is cheap--and I'm out of state! I've been reading comments about other schools on this site and realize that the kind of cooperation between film students and teachers that's normal here is not that normal everywhere. Maybe it's just New Orleans. Maybe I shouldn't be writing this. Then everyone else will find out the best kept secret in film schools. <p> --------<br> <strong>Note</strong>: <em>This review was auto-imported from an older LOAFS database. A "Yes" recommendation has been translated into a rating of ten. A "No" has been translated into a rating of one</em>.<br> -------- <b>Review Submitted by:</b> Hog in Heaven (unverified)