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Emerson College - Boston, MA

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<p> <strong>Attended</strong>: 2001-2002<br> <strong>Recommend</strong>: No <p> To study film. To make film. What's the point? Is it to make a great deal of money and become and famous director? Or is it to make artistic statements about lie love and politics. For me, I just know I have fun when I am making a movie, everything else, well I guess that will come. Coming to Emerson I was super impressed with all the bells and whistles she had to offer. ALL THE OPPORTUNITIES! I was so nervous my first nite, I couldn't even sleep. But that nite, that one nite before classes began would be the most exciting nite that I would have in my short tenure at Emerson College. The college is simply put: predictable. The bells and whistles: well have fun trying to sign one of the camera's out from a film store run by [REMOVED]. Not to go name calling, but that is exactly what they are. The classes are taught by students who attend the graduate program, and many of those students know nothing or very little about the art of filmmaking. See there are very few "Film" classes. IN fact the majority of the classes are cumulation of various media's. I do not reccommend this college for the lack of original and exciting students that attend this poorly run college as well as the unprofessional approach to the way "COMMERCIAL SUCCESS" is driven into each of the heads of all the wide-eyed dreamer boys and girls who attend this over priced gally shwackle. On that note I give you one piece of advice from a wanderer. Wherever you go: Emerson, NYU, University of North Dakota, make the fucking best of the situation -- Make the school you go to - YOUR SCHOOL. Because if you don't, then you are in the wrong damn business anyway. <p> --------<br> <strong>Note</strong>: <em>This review was auto-imported from an older LOAFS database. A "Yes" recommendation has been translated into a rating of ten. A "No" has been translated into a rating of one</em>.<br> -------- <b>Review Submitted by:</b> Charge (unverified)



My score: 10.