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<p> <strong>Attended</strong>: visited<br> <strong>Recommend</strong>: Yes <p> is the 'problem' son is a straight A High School senior bent on the film industry (as director)next fall. So, old dad goes to work and gets all the info on all the major film colleges sent to the house. Then..we make a trip to to LA where I grew up.I introduce him to friends(I'm in the entertainment business), who have made it as directors, producers, friends who own lighting companies etc. Friends who by the way did not finish college. <p> Then I have him visit USC,UCLA and LA Film on the return home I find I have created a monster. He won't even consider applying to USC,UCLA.......says he can get exactly what he needs at LA Film School in a 'crash course' (12 months). I will admit they (LAFS) have what appears to be good, state of the art equipment for filming ,editing, sound and what appears to be professional instructors, some who are in the industry...but 'old dad' is petrified that he isnt getting or even looking at a degree program anymore and he seems to think he can take a quick course and get 'in' through our mutual friends once he knows the basics of the camera,sound,lighting,editing etc. He keeps pointing to my friends who are now big people in the industry and I'm tired of arguing. Can you go to a place like LA Film School...get the basics..and get in the industry at an entry level position?? We had a wonderful, cordial, up front visit with the people at LA Film School....but no-one offered to have us talk to or put us in contact with anyone who has graduated in the 2 years the program has been in place, nor did they offer any idea of specific jobs former students had gotten as a result of a hefty tuition. That worries me. If I ran a school that was turning out success I would brag on them and show applicants standing there with their checkbooks in hand how the school had helped these 'graduates'.Please...only serious speculation not guesses. <p> <strong>Reviewer's Location</strong>: Lebanon, TN USA <p> <p> --------<br> <strong>Note</strong>: <em>This review was auto-imported from an older LOAFS database. A "Yes" recommendation has been translated into a rating of ten. A "No" has been translated into a rating of one</em>.<br> -------- <b>Review Submitted by:</b> <a href="">Dave</a> (unverified)