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Cape Town International Film School

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<p> <strong>Attended</strong>: 2002<br> <strong>Recommend</strong>: Yes <p> CTIFS is a school for people who know what htey need to know about film before they go there, as the teachers are non existent or useless, so if you already know all the aspects of production and only need a school for use of equipment, there is a limited supply, but the possibilities are better than at most schools since they only have around 20-30 students. It is a school which functions more as a production company, but everything is left to oneself to know what to do. The cost of living down there is very affordable, as well as the tuition only costing a mere 2,000$ dollars. So if you are already knowledged in the area, know your know hows, etc, then check it out because it would basically mean you living in cape town, going to school when you like, shooting films once a month or so... <p> <p> but keep in mind, dont expect to be taught anything; in this school you gotta learn it yourself. <p> <p> Otherwise check out AFDA's new campus in CAPE TOWN if you need a more rigourous program, but beware: the price is $3000!!!! <p> <p> A good idea to attain an undergraduate degree, and then head over to the US for the grad. programs. <p> <strong>Reviewer's Location</strong>: Palma, Mallorca, Illes Baleares Espana <p> <p> --------<br> <strong>Note</strong>: <em>This review was auto-imported from an older LOAFS database. A "Yes" recommendation has been translated into a rating of ten. A "No" has been translated into a rating of one</em>.<br> -------- <b>Review Submitted by:</b> Nicholas Thaulow (unverified)


I did some research, and heard that nicolas failed the program on the whole line, and he wasnt actually doing a thing for his studying!

My score: 10.

I was in the same class as Nic. He arrived late for class everyday. He never handed in a project on time. He seemed to have a lot of money to spend. He lived in one of the most expensive areas in Cape Town. Nic's evaluation is biased - hell - even his spelling is suspect.

My score: 10.

Just to clear my record. I didnt fail anything. i chose not to attend as i didnt find the course professional enough. somedays one would arrive there with no day planned. it was more inspirational and educational exploring the western capes geography. I left before the end of year project and exams as I had little time to apply for schools in Europe. I could have finished 1st year and gone into 2nd year but I didnt want to cheat myself of having done a 1st year. When the majority transferred to AFDA, they had intensive work to catch up in 2nd year. its rather lame when people attack critics personally. what difference does it make if I had money or if I lived in the nicest areas. everyone in the class transferred by the end of the year. I believe the school is changed now, based on the failures with my class. Could it be that the criticism of 2001 changed the school for the better. dont spread false rumours about people. check up in the right places. you dont even know me. Nicholas Thaulow

My score: 10.

I also went to this school in the late 90's, interesting to see that nothing changed between then and when you people went. It was a complete waste of money and unprofessionally run. I assume they closed down after AFDA arrived in town.