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New York Film Academy

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now mind you i haven't gone to this school but here is the impresion i got from the open house. now listen up because im about to save you approx. 40,000 plus rent and film stock. I went to the open house and didn't even stick around for the tour. My impretion was this, you are being taught the bare basics from people who are working on their own films and only work there to support their own films and use the editing equipment. Now at first it seems like a good experience until you look at how much money you have and how much time and money they want. first off they want an 18 hour day from you. as a filmmaker i can tell you A. i have never put in an 18 hour day and B. i don't have an attention span to do that. Next problem with that is paying rent because they don't provide housing. If you are like me you don't have enough money to pay 12 months rent in new york city and not work a job. With an 18 hour day you don't really have time to work or even SLEEP! What real filmmaker lives like this. We are starving artists not money bags. They also think that it is a logical idea that they offer no financial aide or help with finding housing or graduate services or job placement. So they say hello heres what you do goodbye and good luck. They seem impatient and that makes for terrible teachers and if they are too critical they get fired. I think if they think you are wasting time and energy and more important (not to me but probably to most of you) money... I have a feature film script that has been recieved relatively well by my peers but i need an honest opinion on it. I got one honest opinion which was actually relatively good. The person said it was basically a good idea and with some work and creative vision it would make for a great indie film. Lastly i have seen my cousins film that came out of that school it was her final project and it was only five minutes long maybe less. I also know non-actors who can act better and the film was for the most part out of focus and grainy. The lighting was good but the focus... the focus! the most important thing in a film is to have good focus and good depth and this had terrible focus and no depth. i am taking 35mm photography and you are strictly graded on focus. that is high school photography not fucking film school. They teach that better then film school is taught. i have found more comraderie amongst struggling filmmakers to help me if i agree to help them then could be forced upon one at film school. when i went to the open house they bored me into leaving early. they spent too much time answering questions that they made themselves sound bad and bored me at the same time. They obviously should quit their day jobs for a sales job. The point here is they are teaching you to make good interesting films that get right to the point and right to the action and work well when they can't do it themselves when talking to people. tell me what is the point in that. buy a camera buy a book and get to shooting your film. you will learn more from a guerilla film book or rebel without a crew by robert rodrigiuz then you will at nyfa and you will save approxomately 35,000 dollars based on buying a mini dv camera (3 ccd is recomended) buying the book and one or two thousand on other things that come up. if you want to transfer from dv to film (which is becoming less neccesary) that alone may cost several thousand dollars but i suggest just transfer to vhs or leave the dv tape in it's original format. trust me im saving you time and money by telling you this and if you don't believe me go to their open house and be objective to everything they say. weigh it with your income and you experience in photography and sound and then decide. oh yeah all the films i saw come out of their have been silent black and white. with dv you'll get cd quality sound and color picture with higher resolution then 16mm. and you don't need big expensive lights and lighting classes to get the correct lighting for the exposure. dv and mini dv will save you a lot of money. weigh the pros and cons and if you aren't convince got to nyfa and maybe it'll do you good and i wish you the best of luck. <b>Review Submitted by:</b> <a href="">glenn nelson</a> (unverified)