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Los Angeles Film School

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I just learned that the newest class at the lafilm school is 85 students. In less than a year the school has gone from classes of 25-30 to 50 to 60 and now 85. This number would be fine if the school had the equipment and facilities to handle that many students but they don't. The school has two elevators to move students through the building and they were already strained, now add 85 more students to that number. The school makes 33, 000 per student (you do the math) where does all the money go? I can tell you were it doesn't go: 1. a microwave in the student lounge 2. more faculty and staff....or to pay the current faculty and staff extra to teach more classess. The LA Film School is taking advantage of the unique situation it is in: they have a like you and me who for some reason or another need this type of film school as oppossed to a traditional masters or 4 year program, but they have taken a good thing and turned it sour. They accept more students than they can handle and your education will suffer. The LAFilm school would be a good program if those in charge of it would simply look at how the value of a student's education suffers as their pockets get bigger. If you're still considering this school be sure to shop around and asks lots of questions (As the students not the sales reps./admissions reps.) before you fork over your money.. <b>Review Submitted by:</b> <a href="">anonymous</a> (unverified)