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Los Angeles Film School

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I just learned that the newest class at the lafilm school is 85 students. In less than a year the school has gone from classes of 25-30 to 50 to 60 and now 85. This number would be fine if the school had the equipment and facilities to handle that many students but they don't. The school has two elevators to move students through the building and they were already strained, now add 85 more students to that number. The school makes 33, 000 per student (you do the math) where does all the money go? I can tell you were it doesn't go: 1. a microwave in the student lounge 2. more faculty and staff....or to pay the current faculty and staff extra to teach more classess. The LA Film School is taking advantage of the unique situation it is in: they have a like you and me who for some reason or another need this type of film school as oppossed to a traditional masters or 4 year program, but they have taken a good thing and turned it sour. They accept more students than they can handle and your education will suffer. The LAFilm school would be a good program if those in charge of it would simply look at how the value of a student's education suffers as their pockets get bigger. If you're still considering this school be sure to shop around and asks lots of questions (As the students not the sales reps./admissions reps.) before you fork over your money.. <b>Review Submitted by:</b> <a href="">anonymous</a> (unverified)


I haven't visited this school yet, but I'm already worried. I called their 877 number, asking whether they might have a work study program. Seemed like a reasonable question to me. The phone is answered by what seems like a student, one not used to answering phones. After some fumbling about, I get to leave a message for someone in Admissions (Ashley). I don't hear from her for two days. Okay. I leave another message. Nothing. I call again, and finally get her. She tells me no, there is no work study program. Man, that took three days. Seems pretty unprofessional to me. I'd have to question whether I should even go out there and visit them.

My score: 3.

I've been to the school. this is a flat-out bunch of lies. there equipment is amazing. All new avid stuff, one of the best sound setups in the industry (they used to rent out the sound facility, but now it's just for students!), and they now own the building. The people were friendly and showed real concern for my real-life issues. The fact that it's a business and they want your money is a good thing. They're competing w/ places like AFI and UCLA, so they make damn sure you get what you pay for. And, by the way, on my tour I saw a microwave in the breakroom.

My score: 10.

I got accepted to NYU and USC, and guess what I am going to LAFS, not only because it shown the most, it seems like they care more, and heck, you get to actually hold the camera for the first year. Since I was 8 yrs old I thought my life will be in NYU, seconds away from making my decision of going, I was curious and took an exposed tour, and I fell in love. You need to stop talking crap and actually visit the school, instead of hearing trash about it.

i just graduated. the school is turning to crap. it's laughable the reputation LAFS grads have, because the damn school accepts any moron with the ability to pay. they need to set some standards so that the graduates can actually get some respect.

I think it matters more the type of student you are than the school you go to. I'll be attending LAFS in November 2009 and I'm excited. It's a fairly new school so I'd assume the equipments are up to date. I believe an individual should get respect when they earn it. A "school" shouldn't have anything to do with it.

Previous poster is right, they admit EVERYBODY who applies. As long as your check clears you are in.

They just want as many students as they can get and they don't care how overcrowded it is. There are not enough classrooms so you know what they did? They made all the gen ed courses online! Students hate it and feel cheated.

There are not enough cameras, not enough studios, not enough anything. This school is a disaster. I really regret picking it.

I agree with the previous posters. I just graduated the comp anim course and I didnt get a great education. Most everyone I know that graduated from there in the first 3 terms agree.They didnt have it very well organized. The education was poor. And there is NO follow up after graduating. I still have yet to find a job. I was promised the world and bought into it and have recieved nothing in return. I would talk and talk and talk to the graduates before you sign up. How many are working in the field they studied in? of the students who graduated since the program started 3 yrs ago up until now only ONE has a job, one has a internship (unpaid) everyone else is left with nothing. and no help finding a job either. 38,000 dollars is alot of money to throw away!

can you email me?
i would like to talk more about LAFS
im planing to go there but now im having second thoughts. i would like to know your whole experience there and other peoples if you know. THANKS!

I went to the school, just graduated. What an expensive mistake. USC, Chapman, NYU, places like that are real film schools. The teachers at LA Film School (with a few exceptions) are terrible. Most of them have never even really worked in the film industry. All they did was go to film school, in many cases, they went to LAFS, which is NO qualification at all.

The toys are not what matters in a film school, it is the teachers that matter and in that category, LAFS falls way short. It's true, they NEVER reject anyone. They accept anybody whose check clears, which means most of your fellow students are underqualified, unmotivated and not very bright. In film school, your fellow students are a huge part of the experience.

Don't say you weren't warned.

There are a few good teachers at LAFS, Barabara Dunphy, Jim Pasternak, Dominick, Linda Cowgill. The rest of them are completely unqualified to be teaching at a film school. The girl (and yes, she is a girl, not a woman) who teaches cinematography has no business being a film school teacher. She has zero experience in the film business, all she did was go to film school. She is a terrible teacher.

On the tour they show you all these studios, what they don't tell you is that NONE of the studios are available to students. Not a one. If you are someone who is easily impressed by a great tour and a big show -- this school will be glad to take your money.

and except for a few, the teachers at LAFS are terrible.

LAFS does not have good teachers and the students are awful: unmotivated, not bright and should not be in film school.

In film school, your fellow students are a big part of the experience.

I think that is worthy of comment.

I agree with your point of view.

hi i am an international student and am looking forward to work as a re- recording mixer. i came across the LAFS's ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE IN RECORDING ARTS DEGREE PROGRAM. Does anyone here have any idea about the program?