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blood squibs

Imported Message: Posted by marvelous mar ( ) from Washington dc, Maryland and N. Virginia area.

I'm an independent filmmaker who lives in the Washington dc area. I need to find help with blood squibs for a summer 2003 short film production. Anyone that knows how to work them, build them or hire someone who can pull off a "Sunnie shot em up scene at toll booth in Godfather" I'm willing to hire a gunmaster for the low-budget production. please someone out there send help. thanks.

to answer your question, i'm also an filmmaker on a fairly low budget, and i've researched the topic of blood squibs. First of all, you must be licensed with the state to handle them. Second, these professionals for hire do not come cheap at all, most cost more than I and probably you can afford. I would look to use compressed gas bullet hits instead for your film. They can work just as well. Hope this helped

Hey. Here is a method that works without squibs. I have tested it, with my own personal tweaks, and will film it in two weeks. [url] :P

Condoms, runny ketchup (or your own mix), string, and some kind of very small explosive can work wonders

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