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Slow Motion

Help appreciated for the following query:
Movie shot using Canon Powershot digicam. This movie is edited in "Windows Movie Maker".
Now how to apply slow motion effect to a mid-part of this clip?
Windows Movie Maker provides this effect, but when applied, this effect is applied to the entire movie clip; & not to the mid-part that I want it to be applied.
Any suggestions/new softwares to apply this slow motion effect to a mid-part of the movie clip?...


I don't actually use Windows Movie Maker, but you should be able to cut or divide one larger clip into several smaller ones. Make your first cut where you want the slomo to start, your second where you want it to end. Now you'll have three clips instead of one, and you can apply slomo to the middle one.

Ok Captain, I tried your method, it didnt work. Either Windows Movie Maker applies this slow motion effect to the entire movie OR I am doing some mistakes in editing using this software.
Still, if you know let us know.
I think "Adobe CS3 Professional" should be able to provide the solution.

"Adobe CS3 Professional" is a collection of programs, not a program itself. You may be referring to Adobe Premiere CS3, contained in the suite.
for your slow-mo effect, you might try exporting the segment you want to apply it to, then import it into WMM as a stand-alone clip and apply the effect to it (I suppose this is possible, never used WMM, I'm into "heavier" editing programs).
But if you're looking into more serious video editing, try a program that actually does video editing, like Adobe Premiere or Canopus Edius, Sony Vegas Video or even Avid Free edition (provided you find a download link, Avid has discontinued this product)

In Windows Movie maker, Make it one clip with no slowmotion, save movie as a new video and reopen it with a new project. Split the clip at start and begining slowmotion into the middle clip.
"make Shure the clip is not combined"