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Sexy International Film Festival

The SEXY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is a week long event held each September in Melbourne with a 'best of' programme touring Perth in October then London, Paris, New York AND San Francisco in November.

The festival showcases shorts and features from across the globe which explore love, relationships and sexuality.

The festival has a competition, the sexy awards, with framed certificates and prizes donated by sponsors up for grabs.

Festival mentioned in the Age.(07-02-08)

'Sexy time' festival

THE Sexy International Film festival sounds like a Borat Sagdiyev travelogue, but it's the name of a new film festival set to launch this September in Melbourne and travel on to London and Paris. It is the brainchild of local filmmaker Jason Turley, who says the porn and smut-free festival will be dedicated to films that deal with relationships, marriage, divorce, love, lust and sexual exploration. Turley's cinema tastes range far and wide, from Pasolini to Almodovar, the Three Colours trilogy to Alvin Purple, and he expects SIFF (he resisted calling it the Sexy Travelling International Film Festival for obvious reasons) will be home to G-rated romantic comedies and success-de-scandal films alike. Turley is discussing the event with two Melbourne venues and will be calling for entries in march. For more information:

The festival opens August 31st at the Palace George in St Kilda with a great selection of challenging, fun and sexy shorts. This is followed by an after party not to be missed!!

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Palace George Cinemas
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