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A Quick Reminder

To everyone interested in making movies, the internet and plummeting cost of digital video have opened up a cornucopia of potential audiences. Such innovation doesn't come without risk, however, and you need to remember that quality, not quantity are what will win you loyal viewers. In that spirit, I refer you to the ever-timely ONN:
YouTube Contest Challenges Users To Make A 'Good' Video



I am a songwriter and recording artist that has a few songs to "license" for films.

I'm not looking for money as compensation, but would like to get exposure.

I would grant the use of my songs as non-exclusive, one-time publishing rights to film makers if it fits your need.

My style is rock/punk/acoustic, and some themes I currently have going are about: America, UFOs & Aliens, Remembrance, etc.

I am a member of ASCAP.

Visit my site and contact me if interested: