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Attractive Actress to Play Porn Star in Short Film(No Nudity)

We are in the process of making a short film for an online video contest. The video is a morality play about a corrupt, discriminatory televangelist who is visited by the Devil and is sent to Hell where he must face those he persecuted (mostly people of alternative lifestyles). One among those he condemns are those in the pornography industry.

We are looking for an attractive young girl to play a porn actress in front of our greenscreen. You will be required to be in underwear or lingerie and act sexy, but there is no nudity or sex involved. This is an acting role. The scene will be with another actor playing the pornographer taping you. If you would like to bring along a friend to do the scene with you that is fine as long as she fits the same criteria.

This is a very brief, no-dialogue scene. It is one of several encounters the televangelist character will see in hell. Here is an example of one of these scenes we shot with a gay couple: CLICK HERE

Rememver, the point of this video is an anti-discriminatory message. The "types" that appear in hell are not condemned, but rather are part of a personalized hell for our bigoted preacher.

You Should Be:
Between 18 and 30 y/o
Located in the Houston Area
Have your own sexy underwear/ligerie
Be available one day this week
Able to have us shoot the scene at your place

Please include or link any pictures, and provide information such as your name, age, and other stats.
(Due to time constraints applicants without photos cannot be accepted at this time)


Sounds like a challenge! Playing a porn star without nude scenes is something that's something we don't get to see very often. Most people would have expected nude scenes all over the movie. I am sure that the casting was interesting.