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Seeking Screenplay Submissions

Imported Message: Posted by Juliet Watson ( ) from Hollywood, CA.

Seeking talented writers with completed screenplays for submission to ICM Litererary Agent as part of portfolio. Will accept partially completed scripts/pitches/synopses', as well to develop. WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? The chance to get your screenplay read by one of the top Literary Agents/Agencies in Hollywood. THE FACTS: Literary Agents only want to sign new writers who are "CAREER WRITERS" and have the potential to continue to write, (produce material), not someone who thinks they have the next "BLOCKBUSTER" screenplay because they think their script/idea is "THE BEST" and are only seeking production so they can get an acting or directing position out of the one-and-only script they have. KEEP IN MIND: Agents work on a commission base only. New, un-published writers command a very small fee for their scrips. Thus, the Agent will also make a very small commission for selling that writer's script. It's the same as a new actor with no credits. The more you work,(credits on your resume), the more money you command. SUPPLY AND DEMAND: Mainstream Filmmaking is a BUSINESS! There are only so many films that will be produced, and ultimately released per year, due to supply and demand. There are only so many people who will go to see a film in a theatre at any given time. Therefore, the Studios must choose from the scripts they feel will generate the most money/profit to release and promote for theatrical realease. Unfortunately, for a lot of us consumers, their choices are CRAP! But, it is a business decision, not an artistic decision. That's what the Film Festivals are for. Also, you don't want to realease your "Summer Blockbuster" (for example) the same weekend as another Studio's. BOTTOM LINE: I am an actor with several credits in Feature Film and Television and am fortunate to have made some amazing connections in the Film Production and Literary Agency Industry. I am in the process of compiling a portfolio of screenplays that I can submit to my connection at ICM for representation, as well as other Independent Film Production Co's I have become affiliated with. If you have a screenplay, or even just a good idea, and don't know "where to go from here", I would be happy to work with you, or help you as part of my Submission Portfolio. "The-More-The-Better" when you're trying to get Representation. If you truly have the next potentially, Studio-Theatrically-Releasable Screenply: GREAT! But, that's up to "them" at any given time. Maybe your script could be made independantly NOW and you can get that Starring, or Directing role (they do that for lower budget films so they don't have to pay the Actors/Directors the higher wages; example: "JAWBREAKER" - This was a film written by the "Director", Darren Stein. The film was made for under 3 million dollars (I know because I worked on it). It was a non-union crew (union cast). The film was made as an "Independant", even though representatives from Sony/Tri-Star were there every day on the set calling the shots. They put the film in Sundance as an "Independant" and then Sony "picked it up" afterwards. Between you and me, the Director of Photography, Amy Vincent (Eve's Bayou) directed that film. ANOTHER EXAMPLE: (this one is not meant as a "dis") "DUMB AND DUMBER" - THE FARRELY BROTHERS. These guys wrote the screenply and were offered to Direct. Having no previous Directorial experience, they were offered to Direct. They relied on a good crew and ultimately pulled off a GREAT comedy that catapulted their careers to the success they now realize. Anyway, if you have a script and want to get it read, or you have an idea and want help on development, I'm open to all! Thank you, Juliet Watson (818) 766-2588