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Key Crew Needed For Feature Film

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Auteur Ego Films, Inc. is currently seeking resumes and reels for key crew positions(Excluding Director and Producer). Fully funded feature film to begin principal photography in Vancouver, Canada Feb. 1st, 2002. Eight week shoot, six day work week. Three major star attatchments secured. Please send resumes with refernces, and reels to: Auteur Ego Films 3301 Coors Rd. NW #269 Albuquerque, NM 87120


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Hello, Here is my resume. JOSHUA TAI TAEOALII 5973 Greenwood Dr. # Murray, Utah 84123 # (801)971-1561 # FAX (801)261-0781 # OBJECTIVE I am a Samoan/American filmmaker looking for work that can assist in expanding my creativity. I have major interests in music, television, motion pictures and the entertainment industry. My main interest is in film. My objective is to work in a creative environment that can help develop my craft as a filmmaker. My goal is to expand all horizons to expand my knowledge of life. ACCOMPLISHMENTS 1995 - I graduated from Bonneville High School as an honor student with a GPA of 3.5. 1996 - I attended school at the University of Utah taking classes such as; Introduction to Film and Video, Intermediate film and video, Screenwriting, and Advanced Film and Video. 1997 - I wrote, produced, and directed my first full length feature film entitled, Luck and Rat Poisoning. The film premiered to three separate sell out shows and had a short run at the Tower Theater. Luck & Rat Poisoning received critical comparisons to Kevin Smith and American Graffiti in the Deseret Newspaper. 1998 - I wrote, produced, and directed my second full length feature film entitled, Hustlin� a Hustler. The film had an almost identical success as Luck and Rat Poisoning. 1999 - I produced and edited highschool highlight videos for local highschool football teams all around the valley. I gave a lecture to classes at Salt Lake Community College on the motion picture industry. I was also invited back to the University of Utah during Polynesian Week to speak at a seminar on my own personal experiences as a Samoan filmmaker. 2000 - I was a judge for the Miss Utah USA pageant that took place in Park City, Utah. I conducted one-on-one interviews with each contestant and was called upon to score the contestants on their personalities and their swimsuit and evening gown appearances. I wrote, directed and produced my third feature film entitled, Twice Today. Twice Today was an Official Selection at the AngelCiti Film Festival in Hollywood, California and had it�s world premiere at Paramount Studios in Screening room #11 on February 13th 2001. FILM AND VIDEO CREDITS Twice Today(2000) - writer, editor, director Hustlin� a Hustler(1998) - writer, editor, director (feature) Marches of Doom(1998) - editor (feature) For Odin(1997) - editor (feature) Windshield Therapy(1997) - director of photography (feature) Murdered(1997) - writer, editor, director (short) Talking With Rabbits(1996) - director of photography (feature) Luck and Rat Poisoning(1996) - writer, editor, director (feature) Causin� Mass Konfusion(1996) - writer, editor, director (experimental) Violence, Nonsense, and Me(1996) - writer, editor, director (experimental) Bachelor Party(1996) - editor, director (documentary) The Click(1995) - writer Playbackers(1995) - writer Strictly Business(1995) - writer, editor, director (feature) All the Right Moves With the Great Ernie Giftless(1995) - editor, director (short) The Gourmet Affair(1994) - writer, editor, director (short) The Weird Chief(1994) - writer, editor, director (documentary) Ignorant Existence(1994) - writer - I currently manage my own tattoo and film production companies that were both founded in January of 1995. SKILLS � Computer Applications � 10-key � 50 wpm � Video Editing (AVMaster and Adobe Premier) � Film & Video directing and producing � Screenwriting � Tatoo artist � Painting & Drawing � Writing � Athletic sports HOBBIES Painting, Writing, Poetry, Snowboarding, Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, Basketball, Volleyball, Watching and Critiquing Motion Pictures, Internet Surfing, Editing, Video Games, Creating Crossword Puzzles - recommendations can be supplied upon request

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email me for a production resume

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ANTHONY 206 522 6142 Hello I am writing to apply for the position of Production Designer/ Art Director for which I am well qualified and suited to perform. I would like to bring my prodigious skills to bear in your employ. Presently I am compiling producing and directing a series of one-act thrillers and a radio play event for Arts West Theater here in Seattle WA. As a technical designer and certified master tailor,I have spent many years in fashion, film, performanceand theater, fulfilling the roles of art director,coordinator, consultant, designer, project manager,master tailor, production designer, producer and director. My Resume reflects only a portion of my related experience. My credits include more than twenty-five feature films and greater that thirty-five theatrical productions in my professional career. In retail I have been head tailor/ district manager for Macys of California and the head tailor on contract for Gucci America in San Francisco, Ca. In private business I was the owner / operator of Anthony Design in Seattle WA and San Rafael Ca for a total ofnine years. As the founder and organizer of the Seattle Fashion Consortium (a collective of Seattle clothing designers and milliners) I have produced and directed successful showing. These include, gallery openings (Judith Krantz), a benefit for the Bellevue Art Museum, the premier opening of The Gilda�s Club (Seattle) and �The Steps to Fashion� on the Harborsteps, summer of 1998. I am a highly driven, creative, effective, resourceful and organized individual, a spirited team member with diverse skills and talents. I have excellent supervisory skills, work extremely well under pressure and I am always able to use my communication skills effectively and clearly, even in a fast paced environment. I have a fundamental understanding of sketching software (Coral Draw, Illustrator) and good basic computer skills (word, photoshop, BSquare) that are easily extended. I believe that this serves as an overview of my talents and illustrates how I can work with you and your production. I do look forward to your responseand thank you for your time. Sincerely Anthony ANTHONY 206 522 6142 Production Designer Profile: Fashion, Film, Theater and Visual Productions. I am a visual artist applying my trade and talents to everything, interior design, spacecraft design, production design, project management, art direction, and directing film, theater, video and visual performances. I am a technical designer, technically skilled and creative with an expert knowledge of film and theater. I bring with me an innate sense of style, the eyes of detail, the ability to get it done and todo it well. FILM Cosmic Ray/ Dream Forest Productions/ProductionDesigner Silver ShadowD/Lost and FoundRecords/ProductionDesigner Steps to Fashion/ Seattle Fashion Consortium/Director/ Producer Expert Witness/ Big Break Films/ Costume Designer Seizing the Clover/ Four Leaf Films/ Costume Designer Mr. Holland's Opus/ Disney Productions/ Set CostumerTailorTHEATER War of the Worlds/ Arts West Theater/ Director Anthony�s O.A.T�s / Arts West Theater/ Director And a Nightingale Sang/ Arts West Theater/ CostumeDesigner The Right to Dream/ Living Voices/ Costume Designer Phantom of the Opera/ St. Marks Cathedral/ CostumeDesigner Lady Day/ Seattle Group Theater/Costume Designer IN ADDITION Anthony Design/ Seattle Washington/ Owner *Operator Anthony Custom Tailor/ San Rafael Ca / Owner *Operator Gucci America/ San Francisco Ca / Head Tailor *Fitter Macys California/ San Francisco Ca / Head Tailor*Fitter Orpheus International/ San Francisco Ca / Head Tailor*Fitter EDUCATION Coopers Tailors School/ Detroit MI / Certified Prof.Tailor Rob Steij Haute Couture/ San Francisco Ca/ CertifiedMaster Tailor University of Detroit / Detroit MI / Associate of Arts University of California / San Francisco Ca / Bachelorof Arts