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A good chase scene

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Hi everybody, I'm about to finish the 2nd act of my script (which I will film independently in a month or two ) but I'm stuck, the end of the act shows an intense chase scene through a forest that ends up with the "death" of a villain. I can't seem to write a scene that I would be happy with, can anyone help? I need to know the basic elements of a great chase scene.

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How about a chase ending up at a saw mill- a place where there are plenty of wood chomping saws! >:)

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I recomend seeing the following films: Heat, Duel, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the ending). In each of those films you'll find a unique chase scene that might give you some ideas that you can *borrow for your film. I've filmed several chase scenes and what I find works best is combining elements. As conflict goes up, the intensity does as well. When writing a chase scene in SCREENPLAY form- keep the elements flowing. Describe the situation as you would when you write a TREATMENT. Avoid writing little tidbit action descriptions with lots of CUT TO's. If YOU plan on filming the piece, I would suggest taking a seperate piece of paper and doing a freewrite. Describe how you see the scene inside your head and then translate that into SCREENPLAY form. Also, try creating a SHOT's LIST or possibly drawing a series of storyboards. Anything that you can use to CLEARLY communicate to the other members of your production team what it is YOU WANT to film is generally what you want to put onto paper. I hope this helps you! If you want some advice regarding HOW TO FILM a chase scene email me. Good luck!

Don't forget films like "The 7 Ups" or "French Connection" for their chase scenes. But good call on "Duel." Still one of Spielberg's best films.