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Answers to query letters

No, I didn't have an answer yet cause I have not sent my query letters. But I wanted to ask you something. If you receive several answers from producers who want to read you script, do you send you script to all of your positive answers or do you chose to answer to only one. It's maybe a stupid question, but I'm just a new little french (and stupid?) writer... Thanks in advance for your answers and I'm sure I'll have at least one "Yes" answer. I'm maybe dreaming but I'm so in a positive mood that I don't want to think about the possible deception (Hi Amber!) I'll had.

I sent an e-mail to an agency who told me that now producers accept only screenplay coming from agents. So we need to find an agent who like your story and want to send it to producers. Before sending them your scrennplay you need to send a query with a logline and a small synopsis paragraph. Now that producers will no longer have directly your script in their hands, if your story is good but your screenplay not perfect, you can't even hope for a rewriting... I knew the road to the sale was long :arrow: , now I'm afraid it will be for me an endless road... :? :( :cry: