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i was thinking of a script of a 15 boy who takes drugs and at the en dof the movie he just die, is that a good plot(i don't wanna say more baout the script) but i ask you, woul dyou like go a to watch a movie for the problem of drugs?

Generally, I'm not into depressing movies. But if (and only if) the story and characters were interesting and well-developed, I might check it out.

It all depends on if the story was an interesting one. If it was capable of keeping my interest throughout it... ...i don't know, I wouldn't normally go to movies such as these but it all depends on the plot and the characters and how well developed they are (as soxfan mentioned).

i will say the whole plot: there is a boy 15, he live in a poor country an dsho he moves up to another country. there he goes to school and all kids will hate him becaus ehe is from another country, so he wil get bad notes and his parent's will be angry, that willl mak ehim go out of the home and leve it home, then he will get drugs and steal to live. One day he will be ready to die(from many drugs...) so his will be taken in a hospital and live, after 5 years in the medical centre to forget the drugs he will go back to home where he learns his parent's is dead and then he will kill himself

That is a very depressing plot. I happen to be a fan of "let the good puppy die." movies but that may be just a little harsh. If you plan on making this movie yourself then go for it. If you're looking to sell it then you would have to change the plot. General audiences don't like to leave a movie feeling depressed or with a lack of closure. If you wan tot sell it you will have to find a way to avoid that reaction from the audience. In the film I am writing my ending isn't exactly happy, but, with the way it is written it isn't a huge let down either. You have to find that fine line and write in that area. Later, Amber

HE DIES!!!!!! I'm not to happy about the ending, you could make it an ending like he gets off it but in hospital, but my opinion.

HE DIES!!!!!! I'm not to happy about the ending, you could make it an ending like he gets off it but he's in hospital in the end, but my opinion. Jesus Christ, kills himself... I always like doing the scenes when someone commits suicide cos It's so funy to see the actor do so many stupid thigns, like I made a movie when she strnagled herself with a tie over a monkey bar, and I had the Stunt men pushing her up to make it look like she killed herself. I've changed my mind a bit it's a good Idea.

I recommend "Requiem for a Dream".

The first thing I would do is make sure your words are spelled correctly and that your syntax is correct. Not to be a jerk, but if your script looks like your posts, no one will ever read it. After that-- why do you want to tell this story? Is it personal and heartfelt? Do you know what it's like to be on drugs, or are you just doing a general "anti-drug" flick. Message-heavy scripts tend to be heavy-handed and boring, in my opinion. If you just want to dissuade people from drug use, put out a pamphlet. Otherwise, dig a little deeper into the story/characters...

And when you finished requiem for a dream, also try transpotting. I prefer requim but still trainspotting does the job pretty ok as well :) Anyway agree with pentangelis on this. Why, or more what is it what you want to say with this movie? Is it.. discrimination can even lead to drugs? or drugs are bad? or dont move to another country...? I love depressing movies, but thats more because... I kinda was that way, and still too often am (now im relative happy) and thats why I want to make movies about it, how I felt and how I wanted to feel at that times.... ive once made a movie where you see me, injecting something and some blood came out, pretty dark stuff... but it was how I felt.... good luck :)

If you haven't seen it, check out Requiem for a Dream. If you can't make it as good as that, don't bother cause everyone will call you a ripoff.

I hate movies like this. I do like requiem for a dream, but that was done AMAZINGLY. I have seen a lot of amateur films about drugs where someone dies in the end. I just dont like those films, people are trying to make something deep and sad but its just pretentious.

I think you should wait on writing movies until you can fully develop a sentence. Your posts are horrid to read and butcher the English language.

SeanyMac01 wrote:
I think you should wait on writing movies until you can fully develop a sentence. Your posts are horrid to read and butcher the English language.
Take it easy, I write scripts in the Portuguese language (if you are intelligent enough you might begin to notice we are not all native English speakers in this forum) and PS:I just happen to speak a dozen languages. And about the drug movie plot, with some hardcore trash music and sex scenes, some people might like it :roll:

If I understand your plot line it goes something like this; Joe used drugs to help him through rough times, after almost killing himself, via overdose, he spends 5 years in a hospital. When he gets out he finds his parents are dead and decides to kill himself. There is a lot to be said for Randomness, I personally love it. In fact I'm a fan of it. Rocky Horror Picture show and Brazil are great movies. Even though those movies may seem randomn in nature there not. They have a common theme and purpose. Your story line seems to lack a charecter arc and the climax seems unrelated to the rest of the story. I would definitally try to relate the parents death to his drug use causing him to feel ownership of thier death. Better yet his younger sister after seeing him use drugs decided to go down that road herself and overdoses. This is a good catalyst for him to do himself in from guilt. If however he is killing himself because his life is crap then I would change the events in his life. After getting out of rehab his head would be clear and he would be focused finding his parents dead would be tramatic but enough to make him committ suicide. The end seems unlikely unless there was more going on that we dont know about. Overall though if you know your story and you have a passion for it forget anything I said and just go for it, the best stories are the ones told from your gut and not a formula or template. Regarding the persons comment about your grammar and spelling, I wouldnt even give it a second thought this is a message board. Plus I think I hold the title of worse grammar ever and I will defend it to my death! Here is a secret, most writers suck at grammar that is why there are editors in the world.

main character dies=legit :D , that's a good film.

Puff - Puff - Pass.