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Screenplay Idea "Eden"

I've been working on this idea for some time, using the same kind of concept for Lost, showing a bit of story then going to flashbacks of the characters previous lives. The basic story is a fanatical religeous group tries to recreate the Mythical Garden of Eden in Christian Religeon. Basically, it's about a woman (Eve) who wakes up in a forrest without any knowledge of who she is or how she ended up there. She finds another man (Adam) who "appears" to have the same problem she does. The story goes on as the Eve character regains little pieces of her past until she realizes what's happening. Any thoughts?

Ok, I just read the sticky post so I appologize for this post. But I hope the people out there who are reading this won't be sleazy enough to take this idea.

One thought. If you write this with the original biblical concept in tact, please don't write it for Caucasian actors. Based on the area where Eden is thought to be it wouldn't make much sense.

I won't steal your concept, but what is "Religeon?"

Man you are a stickler for case use and spelling aren't you?

LOL :lol: Well, it's NOT a typo since it was spelled the same way twice. I mean, C'MON! :roll:

First off, "religion"... Second off, do not worry, I'm not planning to do the thought location of the origional Eden (Mostly desert now isn't it :P). I'm just thinking a forresty area which will be easy to shoot, and for the flashback shots...well, Toronto's a big place I'll find something. One other idea I was dwelling on was this idea of cloning/gene splicing. Basically creating angels...kind of a security measure and still within the religious groups interest.

2 days and not a single reply, :(

I see a couple of problems with the idea. First off, no matter where they'd be, there would probably be some kind of life somewhere nearby. Unless it was actually like a post apocalyptic setting, I don't, know how it would work. If it were post apocalyptic, I would say that the religious group that created this should have set it up in the event of the apocalypse, not just because they're fanatics. If there were a group of people orchestrating this, I think it would be best if they were like this invisible puppeteer that pulled the strings in order to force the Adam and Eve characters into their respective rolls. Kinda like the religious group took on the role of playing God in order to save humanity. As for the implementation of gene splicing and genetics, it would be tricky to pull off the creation of angels and demons in a believable way. Maybe if you had the Angels and Demons being a pre-existing race that are locked in a three way struggle with the religious group for control of A and E.

Reminds me of The Truman Show meets Logans Run. Both great flicks.

I'm still trying to get my hands on Logans Run, but The Truman Show was good. Anyways, I'm thinking of Truman Show meets Lost becase of all the flashbacks that are occuring. Anyways, I'm still trying to find my creative edge so until I can offer anything more on my work I would still like all of your thoughts. Silmarillius

Is this a film idea or an episodic drama like Lost?

It's a short film idea, but stylized similar to lost. The main character remembers short pieces of her past.

Have you tried your local library? They let you borrow DVDs. If your local one doesn't have a copy on DVD or VHS, I'm sure they'll look for it in their other branches. If not, there's always the net. Do I hear Google? Ebay? :idea:

Well yes the library does sound good if I didn't owe them alot of money (Twillight Zone DVD's :P).

Sounds like it might be cheaper to just buy them a copy of the DVDs :idea:

Lol, well anyways kind of getting off topic here. I've been going over a few idea's and am trying to get into my creative zone (doing some writing today). So I'll see what I've got done and hopefully I'll be able to get some feedback from it. Silmarillius

Still trying to work out some idea's so any imput at this point would be appreciated. Silmarillius

I'm not a fan of flashbacks, pace killers if you ask me. I read your story idea but what's your concept? What's your theme you're trying to explore here? If it gets too close to something you don't want stolen you can shoot me a PM.

Just the theme of loss is the biggest one I'm trying to accomplish with this script. The religious group feels they've experience loss because Eden has been taken away from them. The girl feels loss because not only does she not know where she is but she's also lost her memory. I was kind of shocked at the latest episode of "Lost" if anyone watches it when Mr. Ecco told the story of the discovery of the Lost Testament. This screenplay was based on a theory I had for the series...I go on forums what can I say...