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Celtix Screenwriting Software Updated Again (It's Free!)

Well, well. Our friend Sheila Crosbie over at CELTX have written with news of the latest update. "Just keeping you and your readers in the loop on what we've been up to with Celtx. We just released version 0.8.8 with over 20 new features that all writers will appreciate, and have improved the media breakdown features to assist in the pre-production film process. All this, combined with the fact that Celtx is free, runs inside the Firefox browser allowing users to work on or offline in Mac, Linux or Windows, has helped expand our user base into over 40 countries. The Celtx Forum has developed into a vibrant community where users receive prompt support and offer valuable feedback about what shape Celtx should take. Thanks to some of our user volunteers, Celtx is currently available in 8, soon to be 10 (German, Russian) languages. So that's our update for now. Definitely more to come......" Don't you just love the spirit of open source?

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