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NYFA Student Short Film Casting Call

CASTING CALL ----- AUDITION------ CASTING CALL ----- AUDITION What the Project Is: Short Student Film, No Dialogue, Black & White, About Six Minutes Long & Classic GREAT for Student Actors & Those who need to put together a reel & resume! Audition is Monday October 7th - Time will be arranged upon contact. Please email to arrange an appointment. PARTS NEEDED TO BE CASTED: Andy: Young boy going through adolescence approximatley fifteen years old (can be played by either younger or older actor) Stacy: A tough woman in her mid 30s with a soft spot Luca, Sarah, Margaret, Jean-Franco, & Joey: Andy's Gifted Cousins Ben & Eric: Andy's well to do neighborhood friends Family Members: All different ages etc. If you can pass for Italian and Jewish (parents, uncles/aunts,grandparents, cousins)Great! One Male Model & One Female Model under age thirty. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Film will be shot over 2 days (October 12th & 13th) Some actors only need to come for one day. Food, Copy of Film, Experience, Contacts, & Refrences will be Provided. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are interested in an audition slot, please email to arrange a time on October 7th 2003. Bring to your audition: Headshot, Resume, & Two copies of the script you will be performing from.