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SCRIPTS WANTED! For low budget Corman style production

285 Pictures is looking for a few passionate filmmakers with the right attitude about making their films. We are a small specialty production company that is looking for scripts in the horror/suspense/thriller/action mold. We are also particularly interested in Latino and Urban themed films within the previously mentioned genres. We are working on very strict on budgets of between $25,000 to $50,000 per project. This is the maximum level of risk that our investors are willing to take, and if you are smart, as we know you are, you will look at this as an opportunity instead of a limitation. By now, you have already heard that successful films CAN BE made for that type of budget. We have alot of experience in this style of filmmaking and we definitely know it to be true and how to make it happen. We are not interested in providing matching or additional funds for a larger budget project. We will support your vision, what we ask in return is that the project be up to standards of the genre specified and that the end product be technically deliverable. As we will be producing the film these are the things that we must assure our distributors that we are delivering. Within the budget for each project there is a small writers fee. Do not think that that means that we will give you $20,000 and make the film for $5,000. We have to put every possible cent on screen. These projects are shot on High Definition, please save yourself the trouble of trying to convince us about how they should be shot on film. Think of this as the opportunity that Roger Corman gave to aspiring filmmakers. This is how countless filmmakers got their starts like John Sayles, Ron Howard, Francis Ford Copolla, Martin Scorcese, Peter Bogdonovich, James Cameron, etc... Come to us with passion, not pretention, and we can have alot of fun making it happen! To Submit your script, go to and download the submission release form. We will not look at any scripts without a release form. Email scripts will be accepted with a FAXED release form sent to the fax number and email address on the release form. Best of Luck!