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Hollywood CineSpace-- Free Vodka!

amazefilms writes, "AmazeFilms is proud to host "Scene Wednesdays" at the ultra-posh CineSpace in the heart of Hollywood.

Film fans, industry professionals and socialites are all welcome to this event which will begin in CineSpace's state-of-the-art screening hall to showcase short films from the AmazeFilms "Short Series" DVD compilation set. The various films to be exhibited include selections and winners from Sundance, Cannes and the Academy Awards as well as some of the most entertaining, cult-followed short films available.

Attendees are welcomed to view the programming while indulging in some of the tasty treats from CineSpace's gourmet, yet reasonably-priced menu. Additionally the bar will be serving FREE STOLI VODKA from 7:30-8:30PM

Duke Moviemakers Receive Creative Challenge

Duke's first-year students will have a chance to showcase their creative talents as movie producers, directors, actors and screenwriters in an ongoing two-week digital moviemaking competition, the Froshlife iMovie Festival. The students will, with technology from Duke University, create stories on campus life. For the whole story, click here.


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