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Directing Unsuccessful Motion Pic Shorts

A Quick Reminder

To everyone interested in making movies, the internet and plummeting cost of digital video have opened up a cornucopia of potential audiences. Such innovation doesn't come without risk, however, and you need to remember that quality, not quantity are what will win you loyal viewers. In that spirit, I refer you to the ever-timely ONN:

TMBG / Homestar Runner video: Experimental Film

The music group TMBG and the creators of Homestar Runner have teamed up to create a video for the new single "Experimental Film". The song features the charater Strong Sad creating his own experimental film and thus falling into many of the traps featured on the D.U.M.P.S. section on this very site. See if you can pick out where Strong Sad ignores the D.U.M.P.S. guidelines.


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